Top 5 Actors who are also Rappers

People love Rap artists for their lyrical prowess. Still, after attaining quite a bit of success in their singing career, these hip-hop heavyweights usually try their hand in acting by showcasing their amazing skills as an actor. Here we are going to talk about some of the most appreciated actors such as Morgon lee, Will Smith, Queen Latifah, and several others who started their careers as an actor.

Here is our list of top 5 actors who are also rappers:

Will Smith: We all know will smith for his amazing blockbuster hits such as men in the black, hitch, in pursuit of love, etc. – he is not just a rapper who turned into an actor, but he is one of the biggest and most loved stars on planet earth. When he started his acting career in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, no one anticipated that he would become one of the most celebrated names in Hollywood. 

But then he was starred in many blockbuster films, and he has been nominated for two academy awards to date. From his debut till now, he has grossed over 3 billion dollars on the big screen, securing his place as one of the greatest actor cum rappers of all time.

Morgan Lee: Morgon Lee, a former model, born in Chicago, Illinois, USA, is also making quite a name for herself in the music industry. Even though she is pretty new to this industry, she has been making waves through her catchy music.

Queen Latifah: Queen Latifah, another one of the great academic awards nominees, has been giving continuous blockbusters ever since she breaks out hit role in the 1996’s Set It Off. She not only made her mark on the big screen, but she has also made quite a bit of name by starring in some highly acclaimed TV shows. As of right now, Latifah is working on a Fox series, which she also produces.

Mos Def: When at his best, Yassin Bey is probably one of the best actors in the industry. People all around the world are hoping that he will take more roles after his smash hits movies like Something the Lord Made, Brown Sugar, and the Italian Job.

Snoop Dogg: Every Rap lover knows about Snoop Dogg. Snoop Dogg has garnered quite a fan base through his music career, and after that, he made his acting debut as a gangsta MC.


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