Top 5 Advice from Executives on Boosting Your Productivity

Productivity is one of the factors to check the caliber of an employee and to judge whether he deserves the promotion. It is the core responsibility of every manager to train the young mind in the right direction, purposely to achieve the target and keep their spirit level high till they serve the organization.

Kris Thorkelson, the founder of My Place Realty, a property management company remains productive by writing down ideas whenever he comes across one. Kris Thorkelson is a Winnipeg based productive business executive.

Every manager expects accuracy and efficiency in the task, and every employee wants the reward and desired appraisal for the hard work. Manager’s little efforts can help the employees to improve productivity.

Communication is necessary, but not unnecessary meetings:

Communicating with the team is necessary to keep their motivation level up. It does not mean that you call for a meeting every alternative day. You are letting productivity suffer.

Arrange the meeting twice or thrice in a month especially, when you have an issue to discuss, or you can use the mail to communicate trivial information. Also, make the meeting engaging rather than making it monotonous.

Arrange the training programs:

Every manager appreciates the high performing employees. What provisions are you making for under-performers? Instead of humiliating them, arrange the training sessions to improve their weak areas.

Also, set the training sessions for any new tool that you inaugurate in the organization. Training sessions are not only necessary for the new employees, but you have to give updates if there is a change in the process. Only mail will not do you have to show them the practical demo.

Make the environment stress-free:

Are you the one who asks for a productive report on an hourly basis? Leave this approach. Give employees leverage to work according to their suitability. Give flexibility in breaks time and operational timings.

If you show a bossy attitude and keep hanging on their heads, productivity will get affected.

Increase employee satisfaction:

Employee satisfaction is much more than high salaries. The rude attitude of peers and managers is one of the leading factors for employee retention. Apart from creating a positive environment, take care of your employees. Check if they have any issues or problems.

You can also increase the satisfaction level by celebrating success, arranging team outing once in a while, giving perks and incentives, and recognizing their hard work.

Encourage employees to plan the day:

A great idea to avoid the messed-up situation! Train your employees to prioritize the task and to jot down the complete schedule right after they reach their workstation. Many times, the employee tends to forget the important work when they are busy with other projects.

It is one of the best practices that are beneficial for the organization as well for the employees. In the end, employees are answerable for any delay or incompletion of the project.

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