Top questions to ask before hiring a disability lawyer

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Are you on the verge of hiring a disability lawyer? Then before hiring the legal advisor, ask a few questions that will help you know the credibility of the lawyer. If you’re disabled to earn a livelihood, then check whether you have got the conditions that qualify for LTD(long term disability) before approaching a lawyer. 

Here are the top questions to ask a disability lawyer before hiring—

Do I qualify for Long Term Disability?

It is quite possible that you find it difficult to figure out the conditions for qualifying for the LTD. However, if you connect with a good disability claims lawyer, the professional will review your medical records and will inform you whether you qualify the requirements to apply for the funds or not.

Will I be able to win the long-running funding?

Ask the lawyer whether he or she thinks you’re capable to get approval from the SSA or the SSI for being disabled. Usually, top lawyers take up the case where the applicant is really helpless and in need of a monthly long-term financial aid for supporting the expenses. 

How experienced the lawyer is?

You need a highly experienced lawyer to fight your disability case. He or she should be well-versed with the conditions and law based on which moving ahead to pre-strategize the application is possible. 

An experienced lawyer knows the loopholes through which the insurance companies like Sun Life detain applicants while falsely commit to ensuring long-term money while selling the policies. 

Let the experienced lawyer stand by you and press charges against such dubious companies misguiding innocents and selling the disability policies for years. 

Do I have to pay now?


In the United States, disability lawyers don’t charge any fee to clients during the application process. However, you should talk about the fee structures before hiring the lawyer.

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