Top Things to Consider When Buying a Laptop

When you’re buying a laptop, even if it’s not for the first time, you’re going to do some research first. And a lot of the terminology you come face to face with won’t make a lot of sense at first, or you may not understand its importance. So here’s a breakdown of the most important specs to consider, and why each one matters.

  1. Operating System (OS)

Everyone has a little bit of an inkling as to which OS suits their needs best, as well as which OS they prefer most. You’ll have a choice between Windows, Chrome, and Mac. Each of these have different performance capabilities and offer unique UX and UI.

  1. Central Processing Unit (CPU)

This small chip determines how much and how quickly the laptop can handle data. This is essentially what drives the performance of your laptop, and is an important factor to consider since you cannot replace a laptop’s CPU the way you can replace a desktop’s. You’ll come across the term core when looking into the CPU. A CPU has multiple cores, and quad-cores are better than dual-cores – but this depends on your needs.

If you run a lot of heavy tasks at once – for example, you have music playing, have heavy downloads ongoing, and are working on software like Photoshop – then a quad-core should be your go-to. If you’re considering a laptop for heavy-duty tasks, you should look to buy laptop on EMI since these can be touch higher price points.

  1. Random Access Memory (RAM)

RAM should be a minimum of 8GB and higher if you will be using it heavily. The RAM of the laptop stores temporary memory of the files in current use, enabling your laptop to perform tasks much faster.

If your job or hobby entails the use of software for video editing, professional photography, or even gaming, 8GB will not be sufficient, and you should consider opting for a laptop with a RAM of 16GB or above. You can also consider buying a laptop with lower RAM on no-cost EMI to save money, and spend on increasing the RAM manually later on.

Once you’ve narrowed your search down with the best combination of these three factors, consider the basics of the list of laptops that have made it into the shortlisted pool. This includes the size of the laptop, display, keyboard, ports, and of course, the price point. With Zest Money, you can buy laptops on EMI with easy and flexible repayment, and zero hidden charges!


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