Top Trends for Your Kitchen This Year

With 2020 bringing in a lot of changes, kitchens are no different. Living kitchens are now the new normal, and by incorporating multiple aspects such as function, technology, and aesthetics, a new line of kitchens is born. Here are some of the latest trends for kitchens this 2020.

  • Flextension Layout– Expand the use of your kitchen space and make it more flexible for your family. This layout can be designed to your liking whether that be adding a small living room or dining area.
  • Colorful Kitchens– When it comes to coloring your kitchen, don’t be afraid to be bold. A new trend this year is being as creative as you possibly you can in terms of colors.
  • Sustainability– Consumers these days are now pushing for an eco-friendlier and healthier kitchen.
  • Integrated Appliances– These appliances allow you to be more creative by letting you expose other parts of your kitchen like the sink or your countertop.
  • Smart Kitchens– With modern lifestyles come modern technologies. Smart kitchen gadgets simplify household chores.

For more details on these trends, check out this infographic by Mr. Cabinet Care

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