Translation Services in Dubai: What are the Possible Attributions of this Role and How to Become One

Translation is an indispensable service. After all, the more time that passes, the more common is the consumption of films, series, books, games and other content in other languages, which makes the services of a professional translator necessary .

We even have a little idea of ​​what these professionals do, but their work can be much more complex than we think. Therefore, better understanding what your duties are is fundamental.

In addition, as the translation services market for 2020 is booming , many people also want to know what they must do to become professional translators, which can make all the difference for their future.

What Does a Professional Translator Do?

In theory, we know that these professionals need to pass content from one language to another. However, taking just that definition into account can make the service seem much simpler than it really is.

All languages ​​are alive, that is, they are constantly evolving. New words emerge and old ones are left out, while certain expressions become part of the vocabulary, with very different meanings from the literal translation.

This can help to open up our view on the subject, as well as to understand more about the profession of professional translator , which is quite complex.

Right away, it is already clear that these professionals need to study constantly and never stop. Otherwise, they may fail to understand terms and expressions that are very important to their work.

In addition, it should be noted that there are different translation services. As much as the theory is almost always the same, things are very different in practice.

For example, a translator who works with book versions does not necessarily have the same knowledge as a technical translator, who is the professional responsible for working with more specific content.

Even so, these two professionals may also have different duties as a professional translator in certified translations, which is another aspect of this profession, responsible for translating documents and maintaining their legal validity.

Other translators already work in a more dynamic area, which is interpreting, as in meetings and lectures given by a foreigner, which need to be translated in real time.

The translation of films and series, in turn, is also super complex, since the professional needs to understand the context of what is going on, understand the catchphrases, the catch phrases and transmit all this intensity to the viewers.

So, knowing how the translation of films , books, documents and live lectures works enables professionals to work on these fronts, which does not mean that they can perform such a quality service in another area of ​​translation.

In short, the translation theory is always the same, but the application changes a lot between the different services, that is, the translator really needs to be very good at what he does.

How to Become a Professional Translator?

This is a very common question, especially after realizing that this market is heated, a situation that should continue for a long, long time.

One of the most curious and striking information is that there is no specific higher education for translation professionals, as this is a very broad area.

One of the formations that most relate to the theme is Literature, where students study a lot about the Portuguese language and also other languages, such as English and Spanish, among others, but this is not a rule.

What is most important for a professional translator is that he is fully familiar with his native language and at least one other language, so that he knows exactly how to translate the words and terms btween them.

However, this is not enough to become one of these professionals. It is necessary that they like these two languages ​​very much, so that they have the necessary motivation to study and be always up to date with new trends.

It is also necessary that they relate well with the technology, since they will have to use tools for translation to perform their work well.

Adaptability is one of the qualities these professionals need to have, as much as they are more accustomed to one aspect of translation, they can also work in others.

As it should be, they need to be responsible, since many of them work for translation companies, which need to meet deadlines and meet the needs of clients.

Responsibility is really important for a professional translator, since they can work with content and materials that are confidential, whether governmental or commercial, that is, information that cannot be leaked in any way.

Translators: Versatile and versatile professionals

After learning all this information, it is possible to understand that these professionals perform many more functions than it might seem at first, especially for those who do not know much about the subject.

Beyond translating a word or phrase into another language, it is essential to understand the context of that content, the presence of technical terms, jargon and popular expressions, among other specifics of this profession.

For this reason, finding professional Translation Dubai who are truly qualified to translate articles, documents, books, films and any other content is not that simple a task and should be done with great care and attention.

Ah, the quality of machine and crowdsourcing translations doesn’t even compare with that of a professional translator , that is, these alternatives shouldn’t even be considered if you don’t want to have a headache in the process.

Now that we have a better understanding of what translators do, it is possible to admire their assignments even more, in addition to understanding that they are very important today.

Therefore, whenever you need a professional translator , be sure to look for a reliable and experienced translation company in the market. Thus, you will find professionals who have all the necessary characteristics to perform this function!


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