Travel For Cheap: 7 Ways to See the World For Less


All that work and no play is making you feel dull. All you do is work, work, and work. When do you get the chance to relax your mind? How about treating yourself to a vacation, however small or big you would like for it to be.

Go travel! You deserve to see the world in all its beauty and marvel at its sights. To do this, you will need money. If you keep saying you do not have enough funds to travel, you will end up not doing it. With the little amount that you have, how about you pack up a bag and tour a few places?

As you read that, I’m sure a few places popped up in your mind. Now that we have that out of the way, make your packing list and come up with a budget. 

Funds for traveling may shock you, but here are some tips to see the world without breaking your bank.

Slow Travel

Slow travel, in this case, means cheap. How so? Time is money; the faster your mode of transport is, the costlier it will be. As you traverse through places on foot, you won’t have to incur fares. Furthermore, you’ll have the chance to talk to the residents, eat local delicacies by the roadside, see their market centers and buy some memorabilia.


Off-seasons are the months where tourist traffic in travel destinations is quite small. The result of this is that the rates to visit these places end up being quite low, and in return, very affordable if you are on a budget. 

Make a list of the places you want to visit, get online, and do a quick search on flights and accommodation prices in that area. Are they affordable? Do they offer discounts? Take advantage of any offers. 

Travel Deals

Saving money is likely your top priority. Do some research on the most affordable ways to get around at your desired destination or even to your destination. It might come at a cost to you, like sacrificing a window seat, but this is a little price to pay. If you opt to fly to your destination, a few things can add up your flight charges.

Pack very lightly for your flight and opt for a small backpack with your essentials like your passport, phone, and charger to avoid baggage fees on flights. Keeping your luggage light is also crucial as you can keep track of it quickly.

Money is tight, your comfort is at stake, but you want to relax and get to your destination relaxed. Tuning out in a flight from all the commotion and catching a quick nap will have you energized by the time you hit the ground. Make sure to pack your best earplugs for a relaxed and quiet flight. 

Group Tour

The more, the merrier, but in this case, also more affordable. Cost-sharing will have all of you chipping in, little by little. You can split costs for something that would have put a dent in your bank account, otherwise.

The best part about this is that some people rent out their homes to people vacationing at lower prices than hotels. Renting a home provides you with a roof over your head, a kitchen to cook your meals in which cuts cost as you won’t order out or eat at a restaurant; a win-win situation.

Perhaps a Road Trip

Air travel can be costly. Therefore, choose to go on a road trip in a car. You’ll get to see places along the way that weren’t necessarily on your to-see list. Do you have a car? Let this not stop you if you don’t. You can opt for carpooling or rentals.

Ride-sharing with a group of strangers going in the same direction is quite reasonable. You reduce polluting the environment that you would otherwise do if you rented a car and drove alone. If you choose to carpool with others, whether they are strangers or friends, you might make new connections and end up forming lifelong partnerships.

Sometimes, sitting in a specific position ends up cramping your neck. Who wants a neck cramp while on vacation? No one does. Investing in the best neck pillow will help alleviate your discomfort as well as prevent any soreness as you travel for longer periods.

Rent Out Your Home

Strange people in your home? Not very comforting. Paying in cash? A grand idea. This is a great way to earn some extra money, which can be used to fund your expenses. You will need to put up your house on a legitimate accommodation service, such as Airbnb, as you do not want to end up getting dubbed by strangers.

People who are traveling are always eager to experience life in that city or town. A chance to rent one’s home is a no-brainer, as this is very authentic. Furthermore, homes have a touch of humanity compared to hotels. They get the cultural experience while you get some money in your pocket.


At your desired destination, do you have people you know living close by? It could be friends or family members. If you feel comfortable enough, you could ask them kindly and see if they could let you crash on their couch or in their spare room. 

The upside to this is that they can show you the hidden gems around the city because they are familiar with the place. This would also be a great opportunity to catch up and spend some time with a loved one.

Some people offer up their homes for free if you agree to watch over it for them and take care of the property while they are away. This is an irresistible offer; take the offer if it ever comes across you.

Don’t keep waiting for the perfect time. Make a conscious decision to give yourself the good things that life has to offer. Treat yourself with magical moments and long-lasting memories. No one can take those away from you.

Take pictures and cherish those hills you have climbed. Hang them up on your wall or fridge. Nothing will ever be perfect, so pack a bag now and get going!

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Paul watson

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