Types of Bidet and How to Use Them Properly 


A bidet is a bathroom feature that you can use to clean yourself after using it. This equipment is commonly used in Asia, Europe, and South America. If you have travelled in any of these places, you have probably seen a TOTO Bidet in hotels or restaurants. 

There are different types of the bidet, and there are proper ways to use it. If you love to travel abroad, it is wise that you know how to operate them as you will encounter one for sure. 

What are the different types of the bidet? 

Bidet comes in different forms, and they are becoming popular around the world. With different bidet models that might be installed in many modern bathrooms, you’ll never know where you will encounter a built-in or handheld bidet. 

  • Freestanding bidet – Freestanding is the traditional type of bidet placed next to a common toilet bowl. They look like a large, low sink installed on the ground. Some of these bidets are filled with water that rises to the bowl’s surface, and some have jets. 
  • Built-in bidet – As its name goes, this type of bidet is attached to the toilet bowl. Once you have flushed the toilet, the bidet will automatically dispense a stream of water to clean you. 
  • Handheld bidet – Also known as bidet sprayer or bidet shower, this type of bidet is a nozzle attached to a toilet. Handheld bidet is used by placing it near the area that you need to clean after using the toilet or if you want to freshen up. This tool allows you to control the positioning of the water stream. 
  • Warm water bidet This type of bidet can be freestanding, sprayer attachment, or built-in. However, this bidet model is connected to a hot water system. Some have a built-in water warmer that provides a stream of warm water. 

How to use the bidet? 

Once you have encountered a bidet on your trip, you have to plan how to use it before trying it. Turn the spray-on or flush the toilet the built-in bidet to see where the water stream is coming from and how strong the pressure is. 

Tips for using the bidet 

  • Always check the bidet before using. Check where the water stream is coming from so you are prepared. 
  • Wipe the bidet off with toilet paper before using the sprayer. 
  • Make sure that any of your clothes are safe from the splash the bidet is going to make. 
  • Most bathrooms have towels hanging near the bidet. Remember that its purpose is to dry your hands, and not your rear. 
  • Turn the T-valve off after using the bidet. Otherwise, it may cause leaks. 

A bidet can be a good alternative to toilet paper; however, it does not mean you can use it carelessly. TOTO Bidet, just like the others, may take some time before you get used to it, but most people who tried it liked it very much. This is why more people are installing bidets at home, too! Moreover, those with conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome or hemorrhoids can benefit from using the bidet. 

Keep in mind that before using it, check the bidet carefully and prepare yourself for the water stream. Following the tips that are mentioned above can help you use the equipment with ease.


Alison Lurie

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