Types of serviced apartments which clients are likely to find in the market.

Serviced apartments, which are now the most sought after alternatives to hotel accommodations are available in various sizes and designs to suit a wide range of customer needs. They are usually booked online by various clients after seeing detailed images of the apartments on offer and filling out the associated contracts forms. APT212 a trusted service provider in the temporary housing industry also schedules for physical visits of the available apartment via their qualified multilingual agents to clear any customer doubts if any. All in all, there are a variety of apartments of different sizes in various locations which can all be shown to a client before a final decision to book is reached. A few categories of these houses on offer include;

Studio apartments- essentially, these apartments have a relatively single large room that is used as the bedroom, living room and dining as well depending on their arrangement. The bathroom and kitchen are usually located in small separate rooms however for some the kitchen is in the same room. These apartments are usually suitable for an individual traveler or couple and are commonly around 400 square feet inclusive of the other facilities.

One bedroom, two-bedroom or three bedrooms’ apartments- are suitable for individuals who are looking to have that homely feel while on tour. Unlike the studio apartment, these units usually have separate rooms ensuring privacy and a kitchen loaded with the necessary cooking amenities for use. They have a total area of about 500-750,900-1250 and a minimum of 1800 square feet for the one, two and three-bedroom apartments respectively with attached bathrooms for convenience. They are ideal for families traveling together for vacations or various groups with traveling together for various assignments.

Apartment hotels-  these are serviced apartments that are part of a multiple dwelling unit building. They offer services such as housekeeping, linen laundering bellhop services, etc. They usually designed and fitted with all the necessary equipment’s average home would need considering they are used for short term to long term stays of up to a year or more. Apartment hotels vary in sizes and furnishing from which clients can choose one most ideal for them. APT212 agents, for instance, can be instrumental in recommending suitable choices and showcasing them to you on various locations depending on what you want.

Corporate housing- these are serviced homes generally for a large group of individuals i.e. professionals as an alternative to hotels.  These apartments provide a significantly larger square footage at comparatively lower prices to hotels within established residential settings. They include fully furnished units for their guests and provide hose keeping among other services although at a reduced frequency to that of traditional hotels which reduces the infringing of their privacy in the length of their stay.


There is a wide variety of serviced apartment which you can choose from when looking for a serviced apartment in various destinations.  The length of stay, number of people and the purpose of the visit should help you come up with the most suitable apartment ensuring you have the best experience wherever you will be. You should, however, ensure you use trusted providers like APT212 when booking your apartment to minimize the risk of being scammed by fraudsters.

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