Uber Car Accidents: Everything You Need to Know!

Whether you are the driver or passenger, it is essential to prioritize the safety of everyone involved in the accident. Call the paramedics to conduct a medical evaluation of everyone to determine the injuries sustained and for immediate medical care. 

Uber is a ridesharing service and has insurance coverage for its cars in cases of accidents. The liability of the accident is dependent on the person that caused it. A car accident lawyer is highly proficient in the laws for ridesharing services in each area. 

A Boise Idaho auto accident lawyer determines the person’s negligence in an accident and helps you receive compensation for the damages you suffered in the accident. 

If the uber driver is responsible for the accident:

The insurance coverage provided by the company depends on the situation. 

  • When the driver is not logged in to the app, the insurance provider is the driver’s own auto insurance company. They provide for the driver’s accidents and not business transitions. This is also applied to commercially licensed Uber drivers. 
  • When the driver is not currently driving for a passenger or hasn’t agreed to a ride but is online on the app, Uber covers up to $100,000 in the total amount, $50,000 for personal injuries such as fractures, wounds, or primary health complications and $25,000 in damage to the vehicle. 
  • When the driver is in the middle of a ride and the accident occurs, Uber provides coverage for the damages to your passengers and the other driver affected by your negligence. It also covers your automobile damages. 

If the other driver is at fault:

  • The Uber driver and the passengers affected by the incident have the right to file a claim in court to receive reimbursement from the other insurance company for their damages. 
  • Hiring a car accident lawyer helps you break down the procedure and find a total estimate of the expenses you incurred medically, commercially, and professionally along with the ones you will have in the future due to the accident, such as mental trauma. 
  • Your attorney does not let the other insurance company reduce your claims and manipulate you into accepting a lower offer. They make you aware of your legal rights and how to exercise them to the fullest extent. 
  • Uber also provides a fund for uninsured riders to cover the costs of their vehicle repair. 

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