Unfinished furniture – what factors do you need to check out

Buying furniture is an art in itself. But have you ever given a thought to buying unfinished furniture? Perhaps that term in itself might have confused you. Well, let us check out the options for the best unfinished furniture and how to take care of buying them.

What is Unfinished Furniture?

The unfinished furniture is what explains a piece of wooden furniture that has not yet been finished. Buying a piece of unfinished furniture comes with its own advantage. In fact, many interior decorators and home furnishing experts emphasize on buying unfinished furniture for assuring a perfect quality and standard.

You can opt for the unfinished furniture for almost every one of your needs. Right from the unfinished dining tables to the unfinished wardrobes, you have plenty of choices if you go with the right furniture vendor.

Why opt for unfinished furniture?

Well, there are a few specific reasons we suggest you to go with the unfinished furniture. In fact, it would be quite cheaper when compared to the finished products. That should help you work towards a better performance in terms of best budgetary performance.

Moreover, you would also be able to decide what you want your furniture to look like. You can determine what exactly you want to use in terms of paint, shellac, distress, stain, varnish, oil, wax, or lacquer. Yet another advantage would be that the furniture manufacturers may use inferior materials inside the furniture, and you may not be in a position to assess the quality. Opting for the unfinished furniture can help you ensure that high-quality material has been used.

Unfinished furniture would also be useful and practical in those situations where you are looking to bring home one furniture at a time and match it with your existing furniture. The unfinished furniture would be an excellent option in this type of situation.

How to choose the right unfinished furniture?

Make sure you have a good look at the furniture when you buy it. The quality of wood should be one of the deciding factors. A good wood would have no knots or knuckles. Rough edges and improper saw gauges may be a strict No-No.

Next up, check the joints. If the joints are not secure, you may be in for real hassle in terms of durability. The proper machining will make the furniture more sturdy and robust enough. The style and design is yet another huge pointer to the quality and craftsmanship standards of the unfinished furniture. The size of the furniture would be another deciding factor. Make sure it meets your exact requirements.

Pay an equal attention to the finishing possibilities. The best advantage of buying a piece of unfinished furniture is that you can decide on the right type of finishing. And believe us, it is equally the toughest ever decision as to how to finish the unfinished furniture.

In fact, you need to make a choice of six major components when deciding the exact finishing you are looking for. They are varnish, penetrating resins, lacquer, oil, wax, and shellac. Each of them has its own plus and minus points. Choosing one among them would be a really tough task. However, varnishes and penetrating resins are highly regarded by the furniture experts.

Yet another challenge in choosing the right unfinished furniture would be the color. Now that the unfinished furniture comes unpainted, it may be quite necessary to consider the right color that perfectly goes with other pieces of furniture in your room. That would help you achieve the best results in terms of décor.

Well, those were a few best options that should assist you in choosing the best unfinished furniture and achieving the right possibilities in getting access to the best possible usability, durability, and quality. Working with the unfinished furniture may be worthwhile in its own right; doing everything by yourself may not always be possible. There are times when you may not find it feasible – either because you have no time or you may be lacking in the requisite expertise. In such situations, it would be worthwhile to consider a consultation with an expert or a professional. That would be the right way to achieve the best results and get the best out of your unfinished furniture ever.

Clare Louise

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