Unleash the Medical and Health Benefits of Wearing a Steel Boned Corset or Waist Trainer

Plastic or steel boned corsets and waist trainers are not only used as a fashion accessory but have many advanced health benefits.

Below listed are the top physical benefits of wearing a corset:

  • Corsets help curb back pain and correct body posture, to help with past injuries like vertebral fractures, slipped discs, and wear and tear injuries.
  • Corsets can help stabilize spinal curvature of kyphosis, scoliosis, and lordosis patients to help alleviate their muscle tension and back pain from their curve.
  • Corsets can conceal and correct body asymmetries to help people prevent tension or injury associated with skeletal asymmetries.
  • Correction of the posture through a steel boned corset helps prevent other skeletal issues. Wearing a plus size corset encourages redistribution of body weight evenly across feet. For heavier and curvier women, wearing a plus size corset has helped in even weight distribution helping to walk appropriately.
  • Corsets can also help relax trigger points to alleviate/ prevent muscular pain, fatigue, and tension from autoimmune disorders.
  • Corsets, especially an overbust plus size corset, supports the bustline completely. For those having very heavy breasts, a steel boned corset helps alleviate back pain and neck strain, reduce headaches, and help prevent Neurogenic Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.
  • Corsets also are known to reduce the intensity of migraines or headaches. Retaining proper posture can take tension off the neck and shoulders, reducing the hyperlordosis in the lumbar spine.
  • A properly-fitting corset acts as an orthopedic traction unit to prevent the spinal cord from being pinched or stretched.
  • Corsets provide lumbar support to prevent potential back injuries, giving support during work — e.g., during heavy lifting, horse-riding, or sitting in front of a computer for hours.

Keeping the fashion and styling aside, corsets also have significant health benefits. Corsets give women a perfect hourglass shape that they may never be able to achieve naturally. Corsets have not only evolved as a style statement but also a health must-wear among the modern women today.

Clare Louise

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