Unusual Types of Insuance You Should Consider Purchasing

When you think of insurance, you likely think of health or car insurance to help when you get sick or into an accident. You’re probably also aware of life insurance to help your loved ones with costs after you pass away. However, there are many more kinds of insurance that you should be aware of. You might find that they fit your situation perfectly.

Body Parts

If you make your living because of a part of your body, then you’ll want to insure that body part, in case it ever stops working. Purchasing insurance for body parts is a popular choice for actors, singers, and athletes. Their bodies are their livelihood, and if it breaks down, they can’t work.

Insuring body parts shouldn’t only be looked at as something the rich and famous do. When you purchase insurance for your body parts, you’re basically getting a long-term disability policy. So, if you are a lounge singer by trade, go ahead and insure your voice. You’ll be glad you did if your voice goes out.


Raising livestock is a full-time job that costs a lot of money. That’s why if anything ever happened to your herd, you would want to be protected from losing that potential income. When you purchase equine and livestock insurance, you’re covered if someone steals them, the animals get injured, or they die unexpectedly while on your property or in the care of someone else.

Bed Bugs

Traveling can often mean that you bring home some unwanted friends. Even the nicest hotels can have outbreaks of bed bugs. If you often travel, whether for work or leisure, you should consider adding bed bug insurance to your policy. Standard homeowners and renters insurance don’t cover it, so if you faced an outbreak at your home, you would be responsible for the costs. It can cost upwards of $1,000 to get your home treated, not to mention the cost of replacing the destroyed mattress.

Alien Abductions

If you’re worried about getting picked up by aliens, you can purchase insurance to cover any injury or lost income resulting from your abduction. Premiums can run high, with $1.5 million in coverage costing about $150 a month, so you likely only want to purchase this plan if you’re extremely worried about being abducted. A caveat that could make it hard to have your claim accepted by the insurance company is that you have to prove that you were, in fact, abducted.


Clare Louise

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