Uses of Beer Coasters You Can’t Imagine

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Some people say that making beer a pure art. There are steps you need to follow in order to come up with standard beer, and you may or may not customize the given processes in order to make your own signature beer. Many of us are consuming beer more than other alcoholic drinks. They say that beers are a lot more nutritious. Like in wine, it has a lot of antioxidants. It also helps you to protect your heart and helps you to prevent kidney stones. It also lowers bad cholesterol, strengthens your bones, and helps you to reduce stress. Moreover, studies also show that it can also aid you in improving your memory and helps your cognitive function. It is true that there are so many benefits in drinking beers but we should always remember to drink moderately. This is also advice by the experts and if you are also familiar that most beer commercials and even other alcoholic drinks are advised to drink in moderate amounts. There will be possible consequences if the amount is above the recommended.

If you are wandering on streets, there is a least possible chance that there will be no bars or any kind of store where you can buy beers. There are different strategies for most bars to attract drinkers and customers. If you are often in a bar, you should probably observe some cute mats under your beer mugs. They are  called beer coasters. So are they really for design that is always together with your beers?

Coasters are some kind of place mats or other kitchen mats that you can often observe in your home and cafes when you are a coffee lover. So what is their purpose exactly? Coasters help you to keep the condensation from your drinks from leaving water marks behind your table. Most bars used these coasters to have a more presentable drinking service to their customers.

There is also one rule in using coasters. Sometimes, bartenders and servers tend to clean most drinks on the table that they see unattended. By the use of a coaster on top of your drinks will signify that the drinks on the table are occupied and the owner will be right back.

Another signal that coasters tend to give is when you need to take some minute outside the bar and you need to secure your spot or seat especially if there is already a crowd, leaving your seat will not guarantee that you can have it back when you are back. So putting your coaster on top of your drinks will let other people know that this certain spot is already occupied by someone.

There is a lot more about beer coasters. We do not exactly know how other places or countries use this kind of beer accessory based on their tradition or culture. Nowadays, it is easy for you to make or order some customized coasters. There are physical craft stores that offer this kind of service but if you do not want to search through your walk, you can try some online craft shops.

You can try They offer a wide range of different varieties of coasters. They have different designs ready available for you or you can customize your own design, but as they have already so many updated designs you can really enjoy choosing and adding it into your cart. There are numbers for minimum orders for each coaster. Their coasters are not only for bars and restaurants, but you can have it all around. They can be decorations anywhere or even birthday and wedding giveaways. There are a lot of options, so choose now.

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