Want to Travel for Free? Here are 5 Ways to Get Free Flight Ticket In India

Is flying for free a fairy-tale wish? For some travellers, it’s a reality. Mentioned in this post are five ways to get a free flight to a destination of your choice. Keep reading.

Air tickets are expensive because of which not everybody can afford to travel by air. However, there are multiple ways through which many people can get a free flight ticket, not once, but numerous times. If you plan to fly shortly, consider the following ways to get your flight ticket for free. Not all the methods mentioned below can get you a free ticket, as you may still have to pay the taxes or some fee. But that amount is way less than the original price of the ticket.

5 Easy Way to Get Your Free Flight Ticket

  1. Leave Travel Concession to Central Government Employees: If you are in the central government services, you can avail of this benefit while flying to various parts of the country or even the world for free. However, the number of travel concession is two available every four years. Here you don’t have to pay a penny for your flight tickets.
  1. Become a Crew Member: If you love flying and travelling, you can become a cabin crew member. Not only do you get to fly for free, but airlines pay you for the travel (your salary, of course). You get to visit different places and enjoy sightseeing while on a layover. However, not all airlines provide a layover facility.
  1. Participate in Online Winning Contests: Various airlines organize competitions to lure customers into availing of their services. Keep yourself updated with such online winning contests and get a chance to earn a free flight ticket. You can also get upgrades to your present flying class. However, while the base fare may be free, you may be asked to cover the taxes charged on your flight.
  1. Use Credit Cards: Using your credit cards wisely can provide you with multiple benefits. It is the fastest and easiest way to earn loyalty points, which can be later redeemed against flight tickets. Some travel loyalty programs have tie-ups with credit card companies because of which you can earn airline loyalty points/miles for your spending instead of the regular reward points. Some credit cards come with a free airline ticket as a joining bonus.
  1. Join a Frequent Flyer Program and Earn Miles: Some travel and lifestyle programs grant you miles every time you book your flights through them. You can use these rewards to book your flight ticket for free. It is the most reliable and consistent process that can help you get multiple free tickets, as you can earn points on every purchase.

In fact, some programs give you miles not just for buying airline tickets but also for transacting with the program’s partners, such as shopping online, taking a cab, ordering food, or filling fuel in your car. This helps you garner miles faster.

Use these methods to fly for free or at a minimum cost and gain a lifetime experience. It will also help in budgeting your overall trip and spare you some money to plan another tour soon. Choose your way wisely and get going.

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