Ways to make the field more enjoyable: Student edition

Field trips are made for the sake of student’s learning. It is a way to let them learn things that can be useful to them later in life. Aside from learning new things on the trip, it is a way for students to enjoy and immerse themselves there. So, what do you, as a student do, before, during or after the field trip to get the best experience possible?

Here’s how:

Before the Field Trip

Before the day of the field trip, you should be ready in mind and in body. The things you will bring should be ready in advance. Below are the following things you can do to better prepare for your next field trip.To learn more about educational travel, contact ETC to learn more.

  1. Research on the field trip destination

Whenever going to an unknown place, it is better to research the place beforehand in order to familiarize yourself with the activities they offer. It will also help students to increase their curiosity as they can see pictures of the place.

  1. Pack lightly

When going on trips especially to somewhere far, it is important to pack lightly and only bring the essentials. Essentials such as:

  1. a) Notebook and pen- whether your school is going to a museum or to a zoo, it is important to bring a notebook and a pen. So whenever your tour guide says something that catches your interest, you can just pop up your pen and notebook and take notes so you can write it down to look in the library or internet later.
  2. b) Bottle of water and finger foods- Sometimes travelling to the destination can get you hungry. So it is important to pack some food such as granola bars, apples, or trailer mix to eat along the trip. As it is important to bring food, it is also important to bring something to quench your thirst.
  3. c) Sunblock- whether you are inside a museum or a zoo, it is important to apply sunblock to your skin. Because well, it is better safe than sorry.

And, don’t forget to bring everything that your teacher told you to bring.

  1. Arrive to school early

School trip or not, it is important to arrive at school early. It will not only relieve you of the stress of being late but it will have the time to settle down. Also, it doesn’t hurt to get dibs on your desired bus seat.

During the field trip

After preparing the necessary things listed above, you just have to wait for the day of the field trip. Here are ways to make sure you can get the most out of your field trip.

  1. Follow the field trips policies (do’s and don’ts)

Before the field trip, the teachers might have laid out rules to follow during the field trip. It details what you should and should not do during the field trip and it is very important to follow the rules. Students might see it as stringent but it helps ensure that you are learning in a safe environment.

  1. Listen intently and take notes

Field trips can be considered as a learning hotspot. Because you have prepared well, you should be able to put in use your notebook and pen so you can take notes of what the tour guide is saying. If there is too much information that the tour guide is providing, it is better to use phrase words to write faster.

  1. Be polite

You as a student have learned so much on your field trip, thanks to your tour guide. So, before you go home, you can thank him personally or give a thank you letter. In this way, it will show him that you are grateful for the things you have learned.

After the field trip

Now that the field trip is over, here are ways to help you internalize the things you have learned during the trip.

  1. Write an essay

Typically, after the field trip, teachers will make you write an essay about the things you have learned during the duration of it. Here, the notes that you have taken can be very useful. But, your learning should not be only put to use by writing homework but you should internalize it.

To sum it up, there are many ways to enjoy the field trip. Going on field trips might be repetitive especially to students but more than the learning that it will provide, it will give you the time to bond with your friends which makes going on trips like this, more enjoyable.





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