What are Different Types of Cutting Tools

Cutting tools were first created several centuries ago. Technology has enabled industries to manufacture advanced tools made of different materials. There are different types of cutting tools. Some of them are specially designed for cutting fiber, metal, glass, and wood. Many people struggle to choose the right cutting tool for particular uses. In this post, we discuss five common cutting tools.

1.           Metal Cutting Tools

Metal is harder than carbon, glass, and wood. So, it is important to use rigid tools to cut it. The tools need regular sharpening and replacement since they wear out fast. Established industries use reamers and drills to create holes. Some of them use inserts with several cutting edges. Households can use small metal cutting tools like hacksaws and snips. They don’t have to remove metal while cutting. Snips make tiny fractures along the cut edge. You can use hacksaws to cut metal bars and pipes.

2.           Leather Cutting Tools

Leather tools are essential in tanneries. Leather is expensive and delicate. Thus, it is necessary to make clean cuts to avoid damaging it. Shears, swivel, utility knives and rotary cutters are some of the most popular leather cutting tools.

Utility knives have replaceable blades that make deep cuts while swivel knives outline different leather designs. Curving is a crucial process in tanning leather. It requires the right tools. Some people refer to decorative cuts as dress cuts. Rotary cutters cut soft leathers while leather shears cut medium weight and lightweight leather.

3.           High-Speed Steel Tools

Steel is resistant to wear. High-speed steel is up to three times faster than carbon cutting steel. The steel has high metal removal and cutting speed. It maintains its hardness to temperatures of up to 900-degree centigrade. High-speed steel is made of different elements including cobalt, chromium, molybdenum, tungsten, and vanadium. They improve the hot hardness and wear resistance.

Industries use high-speed steel to male drills, die, milling cutters and turning tools. There are two types of high-speed steel, cobalt high-speed steel, molybdenum high-speed steel, and 18-4-1 high-speed steel.

4.           Glass Cutters

Glass cutters score glass. They help individuals and industries snap pieces of glass in various sizes and shapes. Typically, it is difficult to cut glass. It is brittle and it can break into tiny shreds. Industrial and domestic users need different types of glass cutters. You cann search for reliable glass cutting traverse city mi services to get save glass solutions. 

5.           Carbon Tool Steels

Carbon steel comprises 0.4 percent manganese, 1.3 percent carbon, and 0.4 percent silicon. You can temper a carbon steel tool to increase its hardness, strength, and toughness. Carbon steel tools are appropriate for low-speed cutting at a temperature of less than 200-degree centigrade. They include reamers and hacksaws.

Medium alloy steel resembles carbon tool steel. It is made up of chromium, vanadium, molybdenum and tungsten alloys. Chromium and molybdenum harden tool steel while tungsten increases its wear resistance. The material makes knives, dies, punches and reamers.

Cutting tools help us remove unwanted materials from workpieces. The tools are categorized into two main groups, multipoint and single-point tools. It is advisable to pan, shape and turns using single-point tools. Multipoint tools are ideal for drilling and milling. Contact SPT Suncoast Precision Tools via 727-546-4655 if you need the latest precision cutting tools. We sell them at affordable rates.

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