What are the advantages of resin bonded gravel?

Resin-bonded surfaces have gained popularity in recent years due to their great advantages over traditional surfaces, such as paving and concrete. Softwood approaches are a great alternative for commercial and domestic situations.

Sustainable focus

Resin-bonded approaches are very durable. Our approaches have a life expectancy of 15 years or more! Unlike other access surfaces, resin bonded systems withstand all weather conditions throughout the year. Resin-bonded surfaces will not warp, freeze in winter, or fade in sunlight.

Permeable surface

Due to the increase in urbanization, LDS compliance has become the key to preventing flooding in residential areas. Surfaces bonded with resin are 100% permeable, eliminating the risk of water stagnation. The surface allows water absorption and movement to appropriate surrounding areas.

Total design flexibility

You can tailor your resin driveways DIY bonding system to any shape imaginable on its surface, providing a good alternative for pavement, asphalt or concrete. A wide range of colours and combinations means you can mix and match and enjoy exclusive design options.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

The resin bonding system is easy to clean. Most dirt, streaks or other cleaning work can be removed with a simple jet of water.

Low maintenance approach

Resin-based approaches are a great low-maintenance option. Unlike gravel approaches which require daily cleaning to put the gravel back in place, all you need to do to get closer to the resin and make it look great is simply to clean it as needed and periodically rinse it with water. electricity to make it look new.

Attractive access

Resin-bonded to the gravel creates a nice finish on the sidewalk. There are no loose stones and the ability to mix colours to create beautiful patterns means you can get the finish you want with resin driveways DIY.

UV stable, fade resistant

The resin-bound UVR Pro we use is a professional choice in polyurethane resin kits, specially formulated for use on sidewalks, decks and walkways with resin bonded. From the performance point of view, the ultraviolet rays are stable, therefore, the resin bonded aggregates will not yellow, change colour or fade with the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

The quality and testing of the Resin Bound UVR Pro resin we use are as it comes with a colour lock with a 25-year manufacturer warranty. The resinous approaches are resistant to ultraviolet rays, which means they will not fade in sunlight.

Sustainable urban drainage

In October 2008, a law applicable to housing was approved, which establishes that any storey of more than 5 m2 in front of the property must be permeable and that anything that is not permeable requires a building permit. In planning terms, this is called sustainable urban drainage or COURTS.

Paths, terraces and walkways covered with resin are permeable and are one of the main solutions to meet ARC criteria. Our resin facilities resin driveways kits, decks and trails do not require planning permits, and the Environmental Protection Agency encourages us to help mitigate surface water runoff and reduce the risk of flooding.

Alison Lurie

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