What Are the Best Career Options after Studying MCA?

Choosing the right career is the most important thing for the students after completing their studies. After graduation, people search for job oriented courses. For such people, studying MCA is a good option. Master in Computer Applications is suitable for those who aspire to work in the global IT industry. After B.Tech in computer science, people study MCA. After completing graduation in mathematics and other science subjects, people may also study an MCA program. For pursuing such a course, you need to find the top MCA colleges in Raipur. After completing MCA, you have the following career options.

  1. Hardware Engineer

A portion of the MCA program consists of computer hardware related lessons. Many students find more interest in computer hardware than software. If you want to become a hardware engineer, having the MCA degree can fetch you high-paying jobs in many computer hardware manufacturing companies. There is also a demand for technicians who can repair hardware units. One can work independently as a hardware engineer after completing MCA. Alternatively, you can pursue jobs at reputed hardware engineering firms.

  1. Software Developer

Software development is a process to create computer applications for performing specific tasks. Today, we live in a software-driven world. Everything can be managed virtually through the use of powerful software. With the advent of time, individuals and organizations need more task-specific software or tools. For building such software, skilled and experienced software developers are required. After studying MCA, you can pursue a career as a software developer. In many leading IT companies, you can find high-paying jobs as a software engineer. Small and medium scale IT businesses also need software developers. They also provide excellent remunerations to the developers.

  1. Digital Marketing Expert

Today, digital marketing has become a rapidly growing industry. Digital marketing service has become an integral part of online businesses. For drawing more traffic to an eCommerce platform, various digital marketing tactics are deployed. Working as a digital marketing expert is challenging. One should have creativity and in-depth knowledge in this field. Besides the challenges, a career in digital marketing is highly rewarding. After MCA, you can pursue a career in digital marketing.

  1. Mobile Application Developer

Today, everyone has a smartphone device. Your cell phone is filled with many applications. For developing these applications, skilled developers are required. Businesses develop a mobile application to reach more customers and make a better profit. On the other hand, you will find various kinds of entertainment apps too. A professional mobile application developer has to deal with different kinds of app development projects. After studying MCA, you can pursue a career in application development. You need to find reputed MCA colleges in Raipur for pursuing such a course.

  1. Web Developer

Online presence is crucial for everyone today. Every business wants to strengthen its online presence with a well-designed website. For developing business websites, they seek professional website developers. After completing MCA, you can work as a professional website designer. A lot of companies offer dedicated website development services. Hence, you can get jobs in such companies. Nevertheless, you can work independently as a website developer or designer.


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