What Are The Most Preferred Areas For Business In Dubai Mainland?

Many investors, small start-ups and big corporations are making their way to the UAE by establishing offshore companies. Apart from business strategies, the location where you establish your business dictates its success. 

Undoubtedly, the best place for establishing a UAE offshore company is Dubai. Dubai is a popular economic hotspot for the Middle East, because of its strategic geographical location. If you want to set up an offshore company in Dubai, it is crucial to consider the two broad classifications. 

In Dubai, you can either establish your company in the mainland zone or the free zone. When compared to the free zone, there are various advantages of establishing an offshore company in Dubai mainland. 

The Perks of setting up an Offshore Organisation in the Dubai Mainland 

Here are some advantages of establishing an offshore company in the Dubai mainland. 

  • No minimum requirement of capital for company formation 
  • You will be able to set up the company through a quick and straightforward registration process 
  • You will have the added flexibility to establish offices and perform business operations anywhere in the UAE
  • Your mainland Dubai offshore company will enjoy a 100% exemption from income and corporate tax

Now that you know the advantages of establishing a company in Dubai mainland, here are the best locations.

Sheikh Zayed Road

Studded with a large number of leading and reputed companies, Sheikh Zayed Road is the best location to establish your offshore company. Sheikh Zayed Road houses iconic structures like the Dubai World Trade Centre and the Emirates Tower. Sheikh Zayed Road is also one of the vibrant areas on the Dubai mainland, with a large number of business amenities. The area also features upscale residential units. 


Enclosed by Sharjah, Dubai Creek and the Arabian Gulf, Deira is another popular location to establish a company. 

Note that Deira is the oldest commercial district in Dubai. 

This business district houses numerous traditional organisations in the Emirates. Located near Bur Dubai, Deira can be the best place to establish an offshore organisation. If you have budget constraints, establishing your company in Deira is the best option.  

Business Bay

Business Bay lies adjacent to the south of downtown Dubai. Note that Business Bay is a residential, commercial and business centre, all rolled into one! Dotted with buzzing streets, Business Bay is the most happening place to set up a company. From large corporates to SMEs, Business Bay appeals to many entrepreneurs. 

Al Quasis

Al Quasis is also known as the suburban area of Dubai. It lies adjacent to Port Saeed and Dubai Airport Free Zone. Note that Al Quasis is pretty different from the other happening places in Dubai. The biggest perk of establishing your company here is lower rents. Moreover, with its close vicinity to Port Saeed, it is an ideal location for most companies. 

If you want to establish a UAE offshore company, contact Emirabiz today! Mainland Dubai offers businesses various types of unique advantages. Therefore, you should choose the best Dubai mainland location to get the best commercial advantages.   



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