What is the Purpose of a Solvent Trap?

Solvent traps play a significant role when it comes to firearm maintenance. Solvent traps are firearm cleaning accessories that ensure your firearm is properly and deliberately cleaned and thus functional. They are made of titanium, aluminum, steel, or a combination of these metals, with a tube attached to your firearm’s barrel to help trap cleaning solvents. Some people do not understand the need to use solvent traps for firearm cleaning because they feel they can clean their firearms using traditional methods.

However, traditional cleaning of firearms is not as effective as using solvent traps, mainly because when we feel we are going to make a mess we subconsciously throttle back on the quality of cleaning. In other words, we get paranoid we may spill solvents and clean too conservatively, this is precisely why we need a solvent trap cleaning kit. You do not want to leave debris, dirt, or other remnants inside your firearm. Here are reasons Armory Den’s solvent traps should be considered during your future firearm cleaning sessions.

1. Solvent Traps Help to Prevent Firearm Malfunction

The use of solvent traps for the cleaning of firearms can help prevent firearm malfunction. Firearm maintenance and cleaning play a critical role in determining the safety of your firearm. Fouling can affect your firearm due to accumulated leftovers of metals and carbon in your firearm’s barrel.

A squib load or insufficient discharge can occur due to the buildup of chemical residue in your firearm’s barrel too, causing it to explode. The use of solvent traps can effectively trap solvents used in flushing out trace metal residues or dirt. Other firearm malfunctions that may be avoided through the use of a solvent trap include slam fire, feed and eject failure, and delayed discharge.

2. Solvent Traps Encourage Proper Firearm Solvent Disposal

Without solvent traps, chemicals used for cleaning firearms may not be appropriately or safely disposed of. Solvent traps help to effectively store cleaning solvents so that they can be disposed of properly. By so doing, solvent traps help to promote a cleaner environment.

3. Solvent Traps Allow for Solvent Recycling

Traditional means of cleaning firearms may not offer you the chance to store and recycle solvents for future use. However, with the help of solvent traps, you can trap the cleaning solvents for reuse.  Firearm cleaning solvents are expensive, and they may cause you to spend more money to clean your firearm. But if you can reuse your cleaning solvent through a smart investment into a solvent trap, you can save some money in the long-run.

4. Solvent Traps Also Collect Debris

Solvent traps do more than trapping solvents. Debris and dirt can accumulate inside your firearm, and if this is not checked, it can cause your firearm to malfunction, as stated earlier. Solvent traps have dividers or cups that are efficient in collecting debris and ensuring that traces of metals are not stored inside the barrel of your firearm.

5. Solvent Traps Promote a Tidier Process of Cleaning Firearms

The use of solvent traps has ensured that firearm owners can clean their firearms without the worry about how messy the process may be. From solvent trapping to debris removal and solvent disposal, solvent traps promote a tidier firearm cleaning process. Traditional firearm cleaning might cause the release of toxic chemicals into the environment where they pollute the atmosphere or let toxic chemicals touch your skin unnecessarily. However, the solvent trap’s sealed end caps prevent this from happening by preventing solvent leakage effectively.

No doubt, solvent traps have several benefits for firearm owners. Nobody can dispute the fact that solvent traps have a lot of advantages over other firearm cleaning methods. You can do well to get yours today and see how your firearm cleaning routine will become safer, easier, and more enjoyable.

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Clare Louise

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