What Kind of Carpenter You Would Choose

The carpenter participates in the interior and exterior design of your home. For your construction or renovation project to offer you an optimal quality of life, you have to find the right craftsman. How to succeed in choosing the carpenter corresponding to your expectations? Our experts give you advice.

What is the role of the carpenter?

On the building sites, the carpenter intervenes in “finishing work” , that is to say after the work related to the structure of the habitat. He most often works with wood but also aluminum, PVC, wood-based products, glass, etc.

It has a wide range of missions:

  • Series installations, for example in the case of “industrial” windows

Design, create, manufacture and install custom carpentry achievements . Among the possible interior fittings to request, there is in particular the realization of doors, cupboards, work plan, parquet floors, stairs, etc. It works outside at the level of facades, windows, verandas or pergolas.

In the case of made-to-measure elements, the carpenter’s intervention takes place in several stages

It begins by taking the necessary measures for the design, modification or repair of a structure. He makes sure that the work is possible and notes the products or materials he needs for D-Day.

If he has to design the work, he creates plans of the parts to be produced. It recommends and selects the most appropriate materials, which allows it to manufacture by machining and assembly the parts to be created to meet your order.

Before installation, the carpenter can prepare his intervention on the site, depending on the case, by erecting scaffolding, protecting existing elements, etc.To complete his realization, he adjusts the work with the latest finishes, varnish, paint, lacquer, etc.Then after cleaning his area of ​​intervention, he folds up his equipment.

What are the carpenter’s responsibilities?

Insofar as the carpenter gives you an estimate, he must have checked the adequacy between your request, the regulations (or the specific orders of the place where the project is located) and the technical feasibility.

If this is not the case, the estimate must indicate the preliminary work required for the site. This implies that the carpenter will not be able to claim from you during the construction costs for additional work as he is supposed to have identified them beforehand. Note that not everything is necessarily visible upstream, it is then a question of dialogue and common sense.

How to choose your carpenter?

Before embarking on your work with a carpenter, check that he meets your expectations. Is the intended professional able to meet the deadlines? Is his business financially sound? Because it is important to choose a reliable professional with whom you can move forward with confidence, our experts guide you with a series of questions to ask them.

You can pick and choose top carpenters in Singapore at https://sghomeneeds.com/services/carpenter, where you can compare quotes and reviews.

Is the carpentry business registered in the trade and company register or in the trade register?

This information allows you to verify that the carpentry business exists legally. This will prevent you from entrusting your work to a carpenter who does not legally exist and find you without any recourse in the event of a dispute.

For craftsmen, check the number in the trades directory. To see it on the quote, know that it is made up of 9 digits. It is then followed by the mention RM and the number of the registration department.

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