What Makes a Home Unique?

Everyone believes that their home to be unique in some way, and they are probably right, but there are certain homes that really stand out from the crowd. In a world of prefabrication and cookie cutter neighborhoods, what makes a home that is unlike any other?


You might not think much about the materials your house is made of, but it makes an undeniable impact on your house’s appearance and impression. A house that is a different color will stand out from the homes around it, and a stone or brick house makes an impression when the houses around are made of wood. Different materials often require expert maintenance though, so you ought to be aware of the costs of a thatch work expert, for example, when you’re choosing your home’s materials.


Design is another way to set your house apart from the common sort. No one would mistake Fallingwater for your run-of-the-mill modern home, for example. Not all design choices are so dramatic, of course, and you can’t ignore the important role that location plays in a house like that.


Location and setting is something you might not have as much control over, but you can enhance or adapt a boring setting into something more unique with landscaping decisions. A unique feature, planting scheme or design choice can go a long way towards elevating your exterior and setting you apart from the other homes in your neighborhood.

All homes are special, thanks to the lives that are led within their walls. That said, some homes are truly unique. You know them when you see them. If it isn’t the materials that are unusual, it’s the design that is extraordinary or the location that really stands out. All homes may be special, but not all homes are built that way.

David Curry

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