What the Professionals Offer Condominium Interior Design

We have collected advice from designers and decorators on how to transform an apartment without generating a big mess of dirt and dust. These are more applicable for small apartments, so those looking for condominium interior design can find valuable ideas and advice here. 


A classic unfortunate example of basic lighting is a single chandelier with several bulbs in the centre of the room. With this arrangement, the light becomes harsh and unpleasant to the eyes. Place light sources throughout the room – where you spend the most time. Use a ceiling hook. This is often done in Scandinavian apartments: the hook is attached to the ceiling and a lamp is hung on it with a loop.

Decorative lighting includes diffused light bulbs and wall lights

These light sources do not have the task of illuminating objects, so they are usually directed towards a wall or ceiling. This kind of lighting helps you relax and get ready for sleep.

Decorative lighting is useful for watching a movie or working on a computer late at night

There is a strong contrast between the light of the screen and a dark room, which tires the eyes. To reduce contrast, place a desk lamp with diffused light next to a TV or laptop. For additional evening lighting, use electric garlands on the window or a low floor lamp by the bed.

The design of a one-room apartment is wildly popular today, as it is much easier to purchase an apartment of a small area due to its relatively low cost. Of course, many people dream of a luxurious mansion or penthouse, or at least of their own corner, which can be decorated based on their taste and design skills. 

But “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” so many people who buy one-room apartments think. As such, if you set your mind to designing your apartment well, you can make a dream home that will please not only you, but also your family members and guests. 

The most important feature of such an apartment is functionality

Often, your space is a living room, a bedroom, and a dining room at the same time. Here, we can do completely different things: read, watch TV, work, relax and indulge in sleep. Many factors should be taken into account to make the apartment as comfortable, cosy and stylish as possible.

Of course, the main task is to visually expand the space, since even the largest area of ​​one room is significantly inferior to, for example, a three-room apartment. If more than one person lives in the house and there are children among them, then the task becomes much more complicated. After all, it is necessary to competently organize the space so that all family members can fully live here.

What You Need to Understand

If you understand that you cannot cope on your own, then contact the designer for help and advice. It is recommended that you engage a professional in this field to cope with the task, since he will conduct a well-thought-out layout. Experienced designers have their own “little suitcase” that stores practical ideas, the implementation of which will help make a one-room apartment as comfortable as possible. Let’s consider some of them. 


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