What To Do About Erosion in Your Yard

Erosion is a natural process that occurs when soil wears down over time. It is often caused by weather-related events, though it can also be caused by human infrastructure and construction. Erosion can happen in anyone’s yard, and many people wonder what they can do to fix it. You can always call an erosion control business in your area (i.e., googling “erosion control north Augusta SC”). Here are ways to tell if you have erosion and what to do about it.

Identifying Erosion

The first key step to stopping erosion is by identifying where it is in your yard. The most common culprits are often on slopes and hillsides, but it can also occur in places where you regularly water. If there appears to be a single path that water takes through your yard when it rains, this could also be susceptible to erosion.

Stabilizing the Soil

After you’ve discovered where soil lies, you need to try to stabilize it to prevent it from moving in the future. Placing mulch, such as leaves, woodchips or gravel, in the area can help keep the soil from getting too wet when it rains. Planting more grass seeds in the lawn can stabilize the soil with vegetative roots. Another option is to create your own path for the water; this way you can control exactly where it will go when it rains.

Changing Watering Habits

Instead of watering the entire yard, focus efforts only on areas with plants that need it. Grouping plants together based on their water needs can help you water portions of the yard as they need it and not more

If you’re having trouble controlling the erosion, contact a professional service that knows how to handle it. They can come inspect your yard and provide services to fix the problem.

David Curry

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