What to do after Jefferson City car accident? Find here

Serious and fatal auto accidents are reported in Missouri every year. Following a car accident in Jefferson City, it is okay to feel stressed and stunned. However, if you are conscious and capable of taking decisions, there are a few steps to consider. Also, it makes sense to talk a Jefferson City MO car accident attorney as soon as possible, to know more on your rights. Below is an overview of important things to do after a car accident. 

  1. Check if someone needs medical attention. If anyone is injured, call 911 immediately. You need to ensure that everyone around has help, no matter who or what caused the accident. Even when you don’t have serious injuries, consider seeing an injury doctor later. 
  2. Pull over and warn others. If the accident is bad enough and there are visible hazards, you must consider warning others. Do not flee the accident scene, as this can eventually go against you. 
  3. Call the law enforcement. You have to report the accident in Missouri, if there was injury, death, or property damage amounting to $500 or more was involved. Wait for the law enforcement officer to arrive, who will check the scene and note down things to make the police effort. 
  4. Gather details of others. Find the details and insurance information related to other drivers, pedestrians, and passengers. You need to find who was at fault, and for that, having contact details is necessary. 
  5. Document the scene. Take photos and videos of the accident scene, if you are capable of doing so. If that’s not possible, consider noting down everything you remember. Note down the location of accident and find more on how the crash may have happened. 
  6. Don’t engage in blame game. Even when you think that the accident happened because of your part fault, do not admit anything. Also, avoid blaming others at the accident scene. Keep calm and don’t let someone trick you into giving a statement, especially the other driver or their insurance company. 
  7. Call an attorney. There are amazing law firms in Jefferson City that deal with car accident lawsuits, and their top lawyers can guide on your rights. They can also suggest the worth of your claim and what you can realistically expect in settlement. In time, your attorney will work with the claims adjuster and negotiate the compensation. 

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