What To Expect From A Sober Living House  

Immediately following inpatient or outpatient treatment, many recovering addicts need to find a safe place to live that will encourage their sober lifestyle. Sober living homes, like the sober living houses Delray Beach, FL from RECO Institute, are set up to help addicts with the beginning stages of their recovery process.

Sober living houses are designed to be an extra helping hand in an alcoholic or addict’s life, as they work to transition back into their normal life, but without using drugs or alcohol.

What Are Sober Living Homes?

Sober living houses are set up to be a small community. These homes are drug and alcohol-free, where the people living there pay a small fee to maintain the home and contribute to the upkeep of the house.

When you live in a sober living house, you are investing in your own recovery. While some will have a resident manager, others are run in a social model, where each resident is in charge of their decision-making. No matter the management style, each sober living house is set up to encourage the addict to live a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle.

What Are The Requirements For Living in a Sober House?

While most sober living houses do not have formal requirements for who may apply to live in them, many of the residents are graduated from a substance abuse program. These addicts are people who have undergone an addiction treatment or a detox program and are halfway ready to move on to their normal lives again.

Many of the people in a sober living house are already working, but most residents will be required to acquire and maintain a place of employment. Additionally, residents will be required to adhere to a sober lifestyle and other house rules as applicable. Many sober living houses have a zero-tolerance policy for failed drug tests.

Those residents in a sober living house will need to pay rent and contribute to the household chores. While therapy is not traditionally offered within a sober living house, those who live in one are encouraged to go to 12-step programs or undergo personal therapy.

Are You Ready To Live Sober?

If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction, sober living houses in Delray Beach, FL are a positive and influential step in the recovery process. The special living situation that sober living houses provide can help to give a recovering addict the support they need to stay sober and learn coping skills.
Sober living houses Delray Beach, FL are designed to help someone who is transitioning from addiction into a life of responsibility and sobriety. While sober living may not be for everyone, these homes can help an addict remain in recovery for the long-haul.



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