What to know about adding a Florida sunroom to your home

If you’re looking for a way to have your home exude the Florida lifestyle all year long, why not add a sunroom?

Florida Sunrooms differ from screen rooms or pool enclosures in a few key ways. First, they’ve got other nicknames like Florida room, garden room, or sun parlor. But the way they’re constructed truly enhances the architecture of the home in a different way.

How sunrooms are built

A Florida sunroom typically features glass windows on three sides that can run floor-to-ceiling or be installed at a custom size. The design allows you to enjoy all of the surrounding landscape while being shielded from the elements, but letting natural light shine through.

Green features of sunrooms

Florida sunrooms don’t just feature standard windows and walls, they feature insulated walls and windows. Even the doors can be insulated and energy-efficient. Some people also opt to insulate the roof, adding solar reflectance. The higher the reflective value, the more efficient the roof will be in reflecting sunlight and heat away from your home and reducing the roof temperature.

Tie in the architecture

There’s something you can do with a sunroom you certainly can’t do with a screen room or simple pool enclosure: tie it into the current architecture of your home.

As sunrooms are generally open to the house on one side, they are usually custom-built to match the aesthetics and current design of the home. They can also be built to match your lifestyle and the budget you’re working with. Overall, adding a Florida sunroom can be one of the best investments to make in your home. Not only will the addition increase your property value, but it will also give you many years of enjoyment as well.

David Curry

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