What to Look for in an Online Cake Shop?

 It must have been hard for people to satisfy their cravings of sweets last year. While it should not be put as a priority to safety, the joy that one feels once they take the first bite of their favourite cake is something that would help them get by in this difficult time. With businesses having to close down, your favourite and nearby patisserie must have been one of them. Hence, you rely on online cake shops that can do deliveries around Singapore. It may cost you a bit more than the usual, but the satisfaction of getting the sweet bite of your favourite cake can never get compared to any price!

Comfort foods are essential, not because they can give you a temporary serotonin boost, but because they are sanity savers. Many people would say that nothing can ever compare to the happiness that one feels when they have a full stomach. You may agree with it, too. It is because eating good food is relative to self-medication. Thus, no one should feel guilty when they have the urge to order cake online. Instead, you should encourage it!

In this article, you will learn how to make the most out of your cake money, or your budget dedicated to buying a cake. When you know all the considerations that are stated here, you could get the most out of your money because you know all the factors that make an online cake shop worth your money.

Factors to consider when choosing an online cake shop

There are plenty of good reasons why you should carefully choose a shop where you can order cakes online. It is either you want your home events to become a little more fun or you want one to celebrate a small or big achievement with the taste of your favourite cake. To ensure that, you should consider these factors before hitting the check out button:

  1. Location of the shop

A cake shop’s location is a crucial factor when ordering online because it could determine the freshness of the cake and how long it will take to get to your home. With this in mind, you should only consider shops that are within your area. Trust that these shops will give you an on-time delivery assurance, whether it is on the same day or a day you asked them to deliver your order. Thus, start your search with “cake shops near me.”

  1. Cake selection

You should not compromise getting your least favourite cake only because the patisserie near you gives you limited choices. The selections of cakes play a crucial part in your decision making. Remember that you should always make the most out of your money, so why not spend it on what you like? Check an online shop’s cake selection first and ask for their availability so you will get what you paid for. Do not forget to check the ingredients of the cake to ensure that you are not allergic to some of what the cake contains.

  1. Price

Of course, every shop will offer you different costs depending on the size, design, and flavour of the cake. If you are looking for a shop that can customise cakes, you could find birthday cakes online in Singapore! The price would still be dependent on the design and size of the cake, but it would make it extra special so it would be worth it! Also, note that you would be paying for the shipping cost. Thus, you should not forget to ask how much of it in total would it cost you.

  1. The legitimacy of their website

It is easy to make websites look legitimate enough to fool gullible buyers. Avoid being a victim of this new way of hackers to scam people by checking if an online cake shop is legitimate. You will know if the shop is legitimate if they have:

  • Provided their contact information, such as location, email address, and phone numbers
  • Reviews from past customers
  • A clear description of every product that they sell
  • A lock symbol next to the web address because it means their website is secure
  • An about us page that contains the history of the shop
  • Store policies about purchases, deliveries, and returns
  1. Promos and first-order discounts

There is no doubt that businesses today are making every possible way to gain more income during this health crisis. Therefore, they offer promotions and discounts for their customers to stay afloat. You will see online cake shops in Singapore with these reasonable promotions. However, you should still be wary of them! Do not get fooled by overly discounted products since it may mean that it is close to its expiration date. Ask the sellers first before giving in to their sales.

  1. Customer service

A legitimate cake shop would have excellent customer service. They would be responsive and answer all your enquiries. It should also not take them more than three working days to respond. When requesting for a customised cake, well-designed ones, they would inform you about the process and may even clear up some of your requests so they can design your cake right. If they did not do any of these, you should look for another shop where you can order cakes online with service delivery in Singapore.

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