What You Should Know If you are Planning to Move with Your Family to Dallas

If you are planning to move with your family to Dallas, you need to assistance of a Dallas Green Card Lawyer to help you with the paperwork and other legal requirements. In general, people are attracted to life in the country because of strong communities, friendly neighbors, career opportunities, and great schools. The best way to move into the country is by obtaining a permanent residency visa or green card which would let you live and work in the country for the rest of your life. 

What to Do Before You Start the Immigration Process

Before you start the immigration process, you must know about U. S. laws and how to immigrate into the country with your family. An immigration attorney can be your best source of information in this matter. A great lawyer will help you navigate the confusing process of moving to Dallas. There are different visas available to spouses, children, and other family members of those who have immigrated to the country. 

How to Make Your Move Easier

You can easily move with your family to the United States if you have a relative who is a U. S. citizen or an immigration lawyer on your side. U. S. citizens can sponsor their spouses, married and unmarried children, and their parents or siblings. But, if you already have a green card, you can sponsor members of your immediate family such as your spouse and unmarried children to come and live with you in Dallas. 

But, a lot of visas available to the families of U. S. citizens or permanent residents don’t let people work inside the country without an additional work permit. It may be necessary to apply for extra permission to work here while waiting for their green cards. By possessing a green card, you or your family members can live and work permanently in the United States. 

Green Card Requirements

For the majority of green card applications, you must pass a background check for which you may need to submit police reports from where you used to live and answer questions on previous convictions. Also, you need to pass a medical examination. During this exam, you will be asked questions regarding your mental health, use of drugs and alcohol, as well as a history of communicable diseases.

To be qualified for a family-based green card, you must be closely related to a green card holder or permanent resident. Also, you should have an affidavit of financial support from somebody who will make sure you do not fall into poverty when you arrive in the U. S.

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