Where Can You Get an Area Rug Cleaned?

There are many reasons behind people picking area rugs over wall-to-wall carpets. Area rugs are ideal for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your rooms and are easier to replace than carpets. However, keeping them clean is no cakewalk, as you will experience after buying one. These rugs are not much different from carpets when it comes to attracting dust, dirt, and stains. It is common to find users of area rugs searching online with keywords like rug cleaning service near me. Without a doubt, you need to find a professional cleaning agency to clean your area rugs effectively.

Why Hire a Professional Cleaning Agency to Clean Area Rugs?

Those who have tried their hands at cleaning area rugs know how taxing it can be. Not only is it time consuming, you face the risk of inhaling plenty of dust particles and germs. Using only your household vacuum cleaner on these rugs will not yield optimal results. Only a professional agency offering area rug cleaning service can do justice and protect the lifespan of your rug investment.

Ways to Zero In On an Apt Area Rug Cleaner Agency

You can use personal references to locate an agency that offers cleaning services for area rugs. Of course, you can make use of web searches for the same purpose. Nevertheless, you need to assess these agencies on some key parameters.

  • Method of Cleaning – Typically, most agencies resort to steam cleaning to cleanse area rugs and carpets. However, some of them use a more advanced and effective method called hot water extraction. It helps in cleaning deep and old stains on the fabric of the rugs.
  • Disinfection – It is not enough to just clean a stained and dusty area rug, but the agency should also include disinfection in its package. These rugs attract dust mites and plenty of allergens. So, the rug cleanup method must get rid of those allergens and germs too. 
  • Quotes After a Thorough Inspection – Typically, the companies offering carpet and area rug cleaning services offer pre-made packages. However, the most reliable and professional ones offer a quote only after inspecting your premises and condition of the rugs. Not everyone’s rug can be in the same condition, and so the quote is likely to be different. The size of rugs can also vary from one customer to another. 
  • Response Type – The professional agencies offering carpet and area rug cleanup services respond to customer questions quickly. They are also likely to answer your queries in detail. 
  • Service Terms – You must carefully read service terms of the entities offering area rug cleanup before signing up for their packages. Sometimes the details reveal unwanted or incomplete services. The top agencies usually take care of the furniture and clean up any mess after rug cleaning is done. 

The top carpet and area rug cleanup agencies also offer some additional services. Apart from cleaning, you can also seek rug deodorizing service. This can be useful in households with playful and furry pets. Those with respiratory issues will benefit a lot from such services. Contact S&S Rug Cleaners for an obligation-free quote on the many rug cleaning services we provide. Call us today at (404) 355-2126.


Clare Louise

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