Where to Get a Great Meal in Calgary

Calgary is known for having a ton of personality.  From the cowboy past to the modern rodeo, tradition is steeped into this city from top to bottom. So, if you visit, you may think that there aren’t many options for food: but you’d be wrong!  These are the top delicious restaurants in the city! But, of course, once you have one bite, you’ll start frantically searching for Calgary homes for sale.

Ten-Foot Henry

Type of cuisine: rustic modern cuisine.

Average affordability: moderately expensive.

Rating out of five stars: 4.7 Stars.

Location in Calgary: city center.

If you’re aching to slip away from the bustle of daily life and enjoy some familiar dishes cooked in wonderful ways: Ten-Foot Henry is the place to go.  This restaurant has perfected making food taste custom and filled with love while dishing out affordable plates of incredible combinations. So if you want a deeply satisfying meal, this is the place to go.

ConMi Taco

Type of cuisine: Mexican and Spanish food.

Average affordability: very affordable.

Rating out of five stars: 5 Stars.

Location in Calgary: uptown.

The only five-star rated restaurant on this list, ConMi Taco is an instant classic.  Inventive flavors, precise and beautiful preparation and clever advertising combine together to make the perfect restaurant.  Most patrons are extremely loyal, and after your first taco from ConMi, you might be faithful too.


Type of cuisine: rustic with a wine bar!

Average affordability: slightly expensive.

Rating out of five stars: 4.6 Stars.

Location in Calgary: city center.

Rated as the top date-location in the city, Pigeonhole has everything from fresh sourdough bread to delicious sides and main courses you won’t find anywhere else.  Locals swear by the incredible chicken dishes, while most claim the large portion sizes were a wonderful surprise.  Although this restaurant has to compete with Ten-Foot Henry if you have time, you should try both restaurants eventually!

Ritage Restaurant

Type of cuisine: Indian cuisine.

Average affordability: slightly expensive.

Rating out of five stars: 4.9 Stars.

Location in Calgary:  uptown.

Calgary isn’t just one-note!  Ritage Restaurant proves that by offering the best Indian cuisine in Canada.  If you’re new to the area and want to eat something that will strike your fancy: this restaurant delivers on all fronts.  Just ensure that you take the time to try as many dishes as possible!  You’ll fall in love with every bite.


Type of cuisine: farm to fork simple dishes.

Average affordability: expensive

Rating out of five stars: 4.5 Stars.

Location in Calgary: across the river.

Another Calgary classic, this restaurant wine bar combination is quick to show off its personality in the strength of its seasoning and the drinks themselves.  Although this restaurant is more of a bar at times, you won’t regret sitting and enjoying the incredible dishes it has to offer.  Rouge is a well-known name in the city, and any Calgary native knows this is the place to go to.

Food changes by tastes and cravings, but Calgary has you covered regardless of what’s sounding good.  Pick a restaurant and a menu, and you’ll be eating some of the most incredible food in the country.

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