Why Aren’t My Prayers Answered?

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The Holy Bible tells us that God answers prayer, as well as we don’t constantly get what we wish. God addresses in numerous ways, and this series will talk about several of those methods.

Examine Your Heart

Today’s passage from James informs us that God knows when our objectives are best or wrong, also when we do not. If I had actually not confessed the transgression in my heart, the Lord would not have paid attention.

When figuring out why a computer system or other device does not function, the first question should constantly be, “Is it plugged in?”

Similarly, in our petition life, the initial point we have to do is make sure we are “plugged in,” thoroughly connected with God, as well as inviting Him to examine our hearts. This is why Jesus claimed, “But if you remain in me as well as my words remain in you, you may ask for anything you desire, and it will certainly be granted!”

God Recognizes What Benefits United States

The God Who produced all points is not bound to respond to “yes” to every prayer. God’s Word states that “The Lord will keep no great point from those that do what is right.” If He says “No,” it’s since He recognizes that what we’re asking for is bad for us at the time.

It has to do with God’s Splendor

Jesus told His followers, “You can request for anything in My Name, as well as I will do it to ensure that the Boy can bring splendor to the Father.”

Jesus’ purpose in responding to prayer is to bring glory to our terrific Father, God! So, when our primary purpose in the online prayer request is God’s magnificence, we can pray with added self-confidence.

Later on, in among his letters, the Apostle John added: “He hears us whenever we ask for anything that pleases Him.” We must love the Lord a lot that we can send our wants to His will.

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