Why Forensic Engineering is Ideal for Your Project

If you have a construction project coming up. You might want to hire engineers from Galloway architecture company who are professionals in forensic engineering. Forensic engineering is a sub-field of civil engineering that combines forensic science with the principles of engineering to investigate and discover why buildings fail, and then use the knowledge from that discovery to design safer systems and solutions to prevent future failures. There are two fields of engineering that are focused on forensic engineering; civil and structural engineers.

Civil and Structural Engineering

Civil engineering is an engineering discipline that focuses on the design, construction, maintenance, and repairs of private and public buildings and infrastructure. Civil and structural engineers are responsible for the safety of buildings. Using engineering principles, engineers perform the design and analysis of buildings and building systems to determine load resistance and support. 

Duties of Forensic Engineers

Civil and structural engineers are forensic engineers who are highly trained in the determination of material suitability and investigations into the failure of building materials. Forensic engineers investigate the cause and process of faults which may be local or spread around the building component or material. They perform the following duties:

  1. Inspection: Forensic engineers carry out pre-construction inspections to determine the quality of construction sites and the suitability of the project. They also carry out inspections during construction, record their findings, and create reports for the project team.
  2. Measurements: Engineers from Galloway architecture company perform measurement operations during construction. Measurement is important because buildings must be constructed according to the exact details of the building plans. Slight distortion in measurement can cause a ripple of problems that may endanger the entire project.
  3. Test and experiments: Forensic engineers perform experiments to investigate faults and gather evidence to support their hypothesis or to arrive at new conclusions. Experiments are crucial in the construction industry, as they provide a safe way for gathering information without risking lives and properties.
  4. Developing safer systems and models: Forensic engineers bear the task of using new information to develop safer building systems. These new systems are designed to overcome the limitations and faults of previous models and may include recommendations for higher qualities of building materials.
  5. Forensic engineers provide evidence and testimony before courts, panels, and teams tasked with investigating building collapse and related errors.

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