Why It’s a Good Idea to Have Multiple Home Walk Throughs Before Buying

It was love upon the first walk through…at least you thought it was a 10 on the perfection scale until you saw one or more homes for sale that you’re attracted to even more. Perhaps the latest favorite allows you to remodel or maybe it already has more of the features that you want in a home.

This situation is a prime example of why realtors and real estate agents recommend viewing 3-5 homes prior to buying. Here are other reasons to walk through multiple homes.

Can Your Dream Home Be Realized with Renovations?

There are bound to many homes for sale you see online that ‘could be the one,’ but once you tour it, you realize it’s not everything you want.

And that doesn’t have to be a deal breaker. When walking through the home, be sure to ask the seller or their agent about the potential for renovations.

For example, only non-load bearing walls can be removed, and there may be permits required by the city before certain upgrades can be made. Ask the right questions, and you’ll know if what that particular home is lacking actually is a deal breaker.

Evaluate the Pros and Cons of Homes for Sale at Open Houses

You can’t really get a full impression of a home from a listing, which makes tours such an intrinsic part of the buying process.

Each open house showing gives you the chance to honestly weigh the pros and cons of each property and better separate what you really need from what you merely want.

Case in point, knowing as much as possible about homes for sale under consideration is essential to making a wise investment you can truly live with and in for many years to come.


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