Why Online Services Have Seen A Surge In Numbers During 2020

2020 has been a strange year for many, mainly from a health, business and economy perspective with all being put in jeopardy due to the global pandemic caused by Covid-19. However, there has been some beneficiaries of this year due to the lockdown months and primarily those of online services and we today investigate why this is.

One online service that has benefitted tremendously from the lockdown is that of e-commerce marketplaces such as Amazon. This is mainly due to the fact that at the beginning of the lockdown, many consumers were worried about leaving their house to shop for their everyday essentials including groceries and toiletries and therefore looked to online alternative like Amazon to ensure that they could get all their essentials delivered to their front door with the click of a couple buttons. This ensured that Amazon’s profit margins were on the rise, they were hiring more employees than ever for both their warehouses and delivery drivers and ensured that they were winning when it came to the pandemic.

Other online services also benefitted during the lockdown such as online movie streaming channels like Netflix and Disney+ due to many in the height of the lockdown struggling to find ways to entertain themselves and therefore found themselves signing up to these types of services at an extravagant rate. Due to this, Netflix and Disney+ were able to offer their newfound audiences and unbelievable amount of choice when it comes to both movies and TV series and this rivals any box office or cinema due to the competitiveness on the market.

Furthermore, other online entertainment services like the above streaming services have also benefitted like online casinos such as Max Casinos. This is also on the same wavelength as Netflix and Disney+ with many struggling to find ways of entertainment and therefore have found themselves logging onto these online casino markets and tempting themselves on roulettes, card tables and slots. These particular casinos have ridden the wave of the lockdown by offering promotional deals and sign-up bonuses for all new customers.

And finally, video calling application such as Zoom has also seen a rise in numbers during 2020 due to the fact that many haven’t been able to see their friends and family due to social distancing rules and therefore have been using the app more often than not to be able to catch up. Also, businesses have found themselves using Zoom to be able to ensure that they are still able to have business meetings with many working from home.

David Curry

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