Why organizations should look inward for talent transformation?

We all are aware that retaining top talent is important for the growth and success of the organization but organizations also need to go the extra mile to transform talent. What is the primary difference between top talent & transformational talent? Top talents are the top performers within the organization and even the higher executives know about such performers since they are limited in numbers. This does not mean that the rest of the people are not good, they are good but they might not have the right opportunity to showcase their talent.

It is important for organizations to provide a platform to such high-performing, talented, and hungry employees the right platform to transform & accelerate. In many cases, employees who have been exceptional in their early years of service become stagnated in their careers. This impacts their confidence and productivity. There is a possibility that they are no longer enjoying the work or want an opportunity to switch roles.

This is where career management becomes important, both for the organization and its employees. Employees have to chart a detailed career plan based on their experience, expertise, and area of interest. Organizations also have to look inward before they start looking outside for talent. There is a possibility that they may find the right fit within the organization. For this to happen, organizations need an open culture where employees can discuss career plans with their managers & skip-level managers.

Companies have to invest in L&D of their employees so that they can opt for training as per their liking. They can organize job fairs within the company premises where employees from different teams can interact with each other and if possible, find the right team for career growth. In case the company does not find the right talent in-house, they can partner with a human resources company like ManpowerGroup that has a number of years of experience and also provides Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services. They can also help the company with contract hiring and freshmen recruitment.

Coming back to the core topic of Career Management, it is recommended that there is a 360-degree feedback loop incorporated in the appraisal review process. A firm like ManpowerGroup can be of great help in improving the organizational effectiveness by building agility, engagement within the organization. Employees who are not satisfied with their roles or the organization will anyways part ways with the organization. There is minimal probability to retain such employees.

There can be scenarios where employees have to let go of employees due to different business & operational reasons. Such kind of news can create a negative impact on the company’s brand. Hence it is important to apply humane touch to the entire scenario as it eases the tension of the employees who are getting laid off and also helps in retaining the brand image of the organization.

Along with the mandatory notice period, companies can provide outplacement services to the affected employees so that they gain the confidence to move to a new job. It becomes important to understand the needs of the employees and this is where a firm like ManpowerGroup can be instrumental in their skills development through tailor-made training programs.

To summarize, organizations have to look inward when scouting for talent as that talent could be in any of the existing teams!

Paul Petersen

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