Why Realtors Are Still Indeed in The Age of Internet?

Real estate is one of the evergreen industry that keeps growing richer day by day as a mean of investment to. But as we are living in the changing times, the way people buy homes has been changed forever by the introduction of technology where buyers are getting what they want at swipe of the finger on their digital screens. And hence there is this diminishing need of realtors for the same cause. Also with rising use of multitude of portals and online mortgage services, it’s been never been easy to get a loan sanction for buying homes.

But in the end, after doing much of research, people still have to go through an agent, to finally purchase their home. When we look at realtor their work pressure has decreased significantly in recent years due to the use of modern technology but their commission amounts have remained the same. This shows how pronounced the realtors have been to the date. Let’s have a look at some of their main functions due to which they are still relevant in this age of technology.

They assist in deals involving buyers and sellers:

The realtors act as the bridge between the market and the buyers as even though, after all the research about the best suitable homes for the buyers, they need to call them to show the home and craft the deed further on. They are the ones who push the potential customers over the finish line and seal the deal in return for a commission.

Keeping the process easy and efficient:

Conducting initial research constitutes only a small part of the things. To further, carrying on extensive research a realtor is inevitable. Owing to the fact that there are an overwhelming amount of options which are available online.  And the help of an agent definitely makes the process much simpler and easy, as well as saving the precious time. These realtors make sure that the buyers get the best deal and ensuring that they keep them organized and gets the most value out of the contract.

Realtors use technology to improve their services:

We may think that that technology is decreasing the value of realtors these days, but on the contrary, it is still being used by realtors to their advantage to improve their service by catering to the need of their customers by leveraging from the right kind of technology making it possible to cater, manage and communicate with a large number of buyers in a short period.

For instance, we can look at Larry Weltman Toronto based Customer Service Representative at AccessEasyFunds. With over 10 years of real estate customer service expertise, Larry Weltman is also the founder of Weltman Consulting, a company that offers advice and assistance to a variety of individuals working in the Canadian real estate industry he is the one who helps direct the company’s technology. Owing to this fact he leverages from the Apps and CRM – tools that are out there and available to help realtors work efficiently.


Realtors are one of the critical components of the real estate industry and they will continue to be so in near future until and unless some groundbreaking technology can take over their function.

Clare Louise

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