Worldwide Interesting Facts About Casino

The casino has always been the most loved and fun game for people whether playing physically in a casino or playing online gambling Malaysia people have always been fond of a casino because of the fun it involves and of course monetary benefits. But apart from knowing about the rules of casino how much do you know about its history, we all know that casino has been originated from Britain and is the most interesting game it also has lots of hidden facts which will surprise you, here is a list of some fun facts about casino.

  1. British Casino Got Famous In London-

There are not that many interesting facts about casinos because London is already very famous in its history and facts but it is interesting to know that casinos boomed or got the most recognition from London’s casino and gambling industry.

  1. FedEx Got Saved By Gambling-

When the owner of FedEx, Frederick Smith only had $5000 in his account he took a risk and flew to Vegas to save his company and made a killing amount of $27000. If you think that small owner’s cant play at a casino because of the risk involved then think about the owner of FedEx and take some motivation, but keep your financial position in mind because lady luck may take your turn in your case.

  1. Roulette Wheel numbers add up to 666-

Well, this might sound crazy but casino is both magical and superstition because most believers have witnessed that when you add up all the numbers in Roulette wheel you will get 666 which is the ‘ number of the beast’ according to the bible. Thrilling right? But the casino is much more hidden secrets than you think.

  1. Monaco citizens are not allowed to play casino at Monte Carlo Casino

Only foreigners are indeed allowed to play casino in the Monte Carlo casino as Princess Caroline made it illegal for the citizens of Monaco to play casino in their city during the mid-1800 because she wanted the revenue generated from the casino should only be from foreigners. But the good news is citizens of Monaco didn’t have to pay any taxes because Monaco used casino money instead.

  1. You can ban yourself from casinos voluntarily-

 If your casino addiction has increased this much that you have to declare yourself bankrupt then the casino has a policy that will prevent you from playing further, you can ban yourself from all the casinos. But this thing will only stop you from playing physically, you can play casino online blackjack Malaysia from your mobile phone and with or without real money.

  1. World the smallest Casino-

While imagining about a casino, you must have only thought about a big hall with tables and people playing games and enjoying but in London, they have the world’s smallest casino and that too in a cab and it doesn’t even have an address. The cab includes a table, a minibar, TV. This mobile casino got very famous for people who want to play while traveling in the city.

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