Zanzibar holidays tips

A lot of people think of Zanzibar as a honeymoon or romantic location, but it  is the top place for solo visitors and backpackers too! Here are some of the holidays in Zanzibar tips and tricks:


During Ramada quite a few of the restaurants and hotels in Stone Town shut down complete day and some near all together, but you will be able to find food. Most of the beach resorts will run as general, forever, you must observe Ramadan etiquette everywhere else. You should not drink, eat or smoke on the streets and ladies should keep covered.

Best time to visit

June to October is usually the best times to visit Zanzibar when it is dry and cooler. January and February are also best, when it is warm and dry.

March to May views the long rain. December and November has the pretty rains. The pretty rains are not so bad and there will be sun, but it does get very humid and you need to be prepared to spend some time sheltering indoors. On the pulse side, you can usually get top deals on holiday packages in Zanzibar in the low season.

Zanzibar drink & food

Zanzibar, the spice island, provides a mixed-culture cuisine, with tastes borrowed from all over the planet: expect Chinese noodles, samoas, Arabian specialities, coconut-milk curries, Mangoes, in season, are tasty, other fruits contain papayas, bananas, and pineapples. Snacks contain mandazi, chapattis, and maize cobs.

Seafood is brilliant and profuse on Zanzibar just ensure it is fresh. Try pweza with rice.

Meat, generally grilled and skewered, is general but vegetarians should be capable to find lot to fill them, from veg curries to cheese pizzas.

Health and safety

Malaria is a risk. Other advise vaccines are hepatitis, tetanus, meningitis and typhoid, check with your GP before travelling. Take a general medical kit for treating insect bites, diarrhoea and sun-stroke.

Divers should test scuba activity is covered by their  travel insurance. Crime is relatively general in visitor areas.


Transport is a hard one as it depends on a lot of factors and again, this really depends on how much you move around and how you travel.

If you take local transport, you are probably taking about $20, or less for a two week trip. If you take share taxis, or you are traveling in a group or your negotiation skill are extremely expert, you will likely spend $40 to $80. But if you are visiting alone and take simple taxis, you could be spending $140. So book cheap flights to Zanzibar now.

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