11 Other Ways to Use Baby Wipes and Pointers for Buying Them

Babies grow into toddlers. Consequently, they grow out of their diaper phases. You will probably be left with excess supplies, like baby wipes, not knowing if you will be able to use them. Fear not! There are many other purposes you can use baby wipes for. Read on for some tips on buying baby wipes.

11 Other Ways to Use Baby Wipes

Here are eleven other ways you can use the baby wipes you bought from a Singapore supermarket.

#1 Stain Remover

Use baby wipes to remove stains from practically any surface. You can use it on clothing, walls, sofas, carpets, blankets, etc. Gently dab the stain with a baby wipe, and watch as the colour transfers almost immediately. If the wipe alone is not strong enough, it can at least keep the stain from setting while you look for an alternative.

#2 Wall Cleaning

You can use a baby wipe to help remove scuff marks, crayons, pencils, or handprints from your walls without damaging the paint or wallpaper.

#3 Overall Cleaning

Baby wipes are great cleaning tools since they are like dust magnets that can pick up dirt and grime. It is better than using paper towels or traditional cleaning wipes. Clean the dirtiest places in your home by attaching a wipe to the bottom of your mop. You can also use them to clean hard-to-reach cracks and crevices.

#4 Makes Surfaces Shiny

Most baby wipes you can buy at a Singapore supermarket have softening ingredients. These ingredients can give hard surfaces a glossy shine. It can give hard surfaces a clean appearance, even only for a short period.

#5 Leather Polishing Alternative

The same ingredients that make hard surfaces glimmer can add shine to leather. You can safely dust or clean off any leather goods with baby wipes. It will remove most marks and restore your leather goods’ previous shine.

#6 Refresh Your Plants

Dust can also cover your house plants. You can use a baby wipe to clean your plant and free them from dust. Most baby wipes in Singapore supermarkets have only mild ingredients that will not hurt your plants.

#7 To Disinfect Objects

You do not need to buy disinfectant wipes from a Singapore supermarket if you have a stock of leftover baby wipes. Use that stock of baby wipes to quickly clean and disinfect your home without using harsh products like bleaches. You can use it to wipe your kitchen appliances or your kids’ toys. Since most baby wipes contain more natural ingredients, they are a great alternative to disinfecting wipes from Singapore stores. It can disinfect and pick up dust and grime without damaging your things.

#8 For Wiping Your Fur Babies

Use a baby wipe to bathe your fur babies, especially if they strongly avoid bath times. These cloths are great at picking up hair on and off your pets and help you minimise loose or shedding hair. It can also quickly remove dirt from your pets’ paws and remove smelly drool from their snout.

#9 No More Greasy Pans

Use a sheet of baby wipe to clean off grease and oil that stuck to the bottom of your pans. These wipes can pick up grease without needing too much force or stronger soap formulations. It just might save the lives of your pots and pans.

#10 Keep Your Car Spick and Span

Stow a pack of baby wipes in your car’s compartment. It will provide a quick way to clean spills and stickiness from your seats and deep corners and crevices like the cup holders. Pick up a pack of alcohol free antiseptic baby wipes from your local Singapore supermarket to store in your care. It will ensure that you can still have clean hands even without access to water.

#11 Wipe Off Your Makeup

Nowadays, many manufacturers of OEM wet wipes have come up with various products that answer every need. One of these solutions is the lines of makeup removing wipes now available in the market. Pick up a pack of baby wipes from a Singapore supermarket for a less-irritation and more cost-effective solution to makeup wipes. It can help you remove makeup products from different surfaces, fabric, and even your skin.


7 Pointers for Buying Baby Wipes

There are subtle variances that make a difference in how you use a basic product like baby wipes. Take note of some of these tips when looking for baby wipes at a Singapore supermarket.

#1 Lack of Artificial Fragrance

Many wipes are lightly scented to mask any nasty smell from your baby, pet or surfaces. It can also have an effect if you have sensitive skin. If you like fragrances on your wipes, opt for a pack of baby wipes at your local Singapore supermarket that is chemical-free or made with natural ingredients.

#2 Thickness of Each Wipe Sheet

Just like any consumable product, it is wise to try as many baby wipes brands as you can until you find the right type for your needs. Choose a wipe that is thick and durable enough not to tear on you. Moreover, relatively thicker wipes are more absorbent. Subsequently, thicker wipes can be rougher and more difficult to use.

#3 Textured Sheets

Sheets with embossed texture can help pick up stains and messes more easily. It can make for a more hassle-free clean up. That said, look for disinfectant wipes in Singapore supermarkets that have textured sheets and mild formulations to protect your skin and your things from damage.

#4 The Size of Each Sheet

Like finding the correct thickness, you should also try as many baby wipes brands you see in Singapore supermarkets as possible to find the size you prefer. The size of each sheet should pair with the correct thickness you need for maximum usage.


#5 Be Good to the Environment

Support brands that use environmentally friendly materials and ingredients. You will be using a lot of wipes not just on your baby but also for a few different purposes. It is better not to leave behind a substantial carbon footprint while you are at it.

#6 Toilet Friendly, Maybe?

Flushing your wipes in the toilet is highly discouraged. It will lead to clogging or even bigger problems or plumbing issues that can cost huge amounts of money and inconvenience. Look for a line of flushable baby wipes at your local Singapore supermarket if you are determined to flush them in the toilet for disposal.

#7 How Much Will It Cost You

Let’s face it, necessities nowadays can be costly to purchase. Looking at the prices of baby wipes packets in Singapore supermarkets might say that they are cheap. However, they can be costly if you sum up the quantities you buy and how frequently you stock up on them. Save more money by buying your preferred brand or type in bulk.

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