3 Crucial Ways Sports Physiotherapy Help Athletes

There are over 34,000 registered athletes, sports officials, and coaches in Australia currently. As one of the world’s sports powerhouses, Aussies are well-known in triathlon, rugby, cricket, and most recently in basketball. 

But, Aussies, in particular, shine in a wide range of sports. They average ten gold medals in every Olympics since 2008 and have collected 570 total medals, including silver and bronze. With this in mind, sports in Australia are a serious matter in which both private and government pour tremendous amounts of funding to sustain the quality of the athletes and teams’ performances.

Sports physiotherapy, in particular, is a crucial aspect of Australia’s success in sports. Among the 29,000 members of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA), many specialize in sports physiotherapy. 

Sports physiotherapy plays a key role in sports medicine. During the 2012 London Olympics, the largest professional group which worked during the month-long competition were sports physiotherapists. 

So, what makes sports physiotherapy different from conventional physiotherapy? To put it simply, this branch of physiotherapy mainly focuses on assessing and treating sports-related injuries. Not just that, sports physiotherapy also specializes in exercising the body to further enhance sports performance, mainly for competitive athletes. It mainly focuses on enhancing, strengthening or recovering muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints to minimize the chances of suffering from injuries. 

To provide you with a better and clearer idea of how sports physiotherapy plays a crucial role in sports, here is a detailed view of its purpose with information gained from one of the best clinics for sports physiotherapy in Sydney

  • Helps Improve Athletic Performance

Sports physiotherapy is not just known to help treat sports-related injuries for athletes. It also provides more benefits for amateur and professional athletes by enhancing their skillsets in sports. There are different sports physiotherapy programs designed for specific sports where athletes can benefit from. It mainly focuses on improving the body’s flexibility, strength, endurance, and explosiveness of athletes for optimum performance in their respective sports. 

  • Minimizes the Chances of Getting Injured

Sports physiotherapy is not just for injury treatment. It also develops an athlete’s body to become more resilient to injuries. It means a physiotherapist has a particular training program for athletes to strengthen their body to minimize the chances of getting injured. Visiting a physiotherapist is a must if you regularly engage in a sporting activity regardless if you are a professional or amateur. It is to assess your body’s limitations and strengths wherein the physiotherapist can customize the perfect training program for you. By doing so, they can develop your body to ensure you are protected from injuries such as torn muscle, sprained muscle, or even cramps. 

  • Improves Joint & Muscular Flexibility

Regardless of the sport you love, your performance will always depend on how flexible your body is. The more movement involved, the more it is important to improve your body’s flexibility. With this in mind, if you are planning to visit one of the best clinics for sports physiotherapy in Sydney, then expect a range of flexibility exercises and training. It is to make sure your body can adapt to the physicality and range of movements involved in the sport you are engaging in. They will help you achieve your goals to become more flexible, which in return improves your performance in your sports. Even athletes who engage in non-contact and less physical sports consult and train with sports physiotherapists to keep themselves fit and healthy. 

Physiotherapy, in particular, plays a very crucial role in all levels of sports. It remains essential for athletes who seek rehabilitation and treatment for their injuries through their varied and scientifically-based training program. 

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