3 Different Types of Assembly Lines with the Concept

A Factory Assembly Line is a manufacturing procedure in which the parts are usually changed and added as the half-finished construction moves from the work station in which the parts will add in alphabetical order until the final assembly set. The semi-finished pieces move from one to another work station to assemble it. At the work station, a finished product can be set faster and with few laborers than by having the workers to carry the parts to the stationary piece for assembly.

Assembly lines are the most common techniques for fixing problematic items such as automobiles and other transportation equipment, household appliances, and electronic elements.

The concepts of the assembly lines?

The Factory Assemble created for the alphabetical order for the workers, tools, and parts. The worker will be less to some extent as possible. All parts can be made by the conveyors or the vehicles, such as the lifts or the gravity, with no manual trucks.

3 Different Types of Assembly Lines in Manufacturing

The assembly lines have changed very fast over these couple of years. Here are a few common types of assembly lines that we still use today:

  • Classic:  

A classic assembly line is a manufacturing process for car manufactures that are made memorable. These types of assembly lines use a lot of steps, which will be performed by different workers to create one product. Those products are vast or confusing. It does not matter about the size or the confusion. Hence, every brand is mostly the same. Once again, cars are fantastic examples. A car is not an easy thing to build, but each care with the same make, model, and year characteristics have all the equal parts in the same places.

  • Automated:

An automated assembly system will look a lot just like the classic, but the character is much more different. There are fewer humans than a machine. A machine which is governed by computers is almost full of staff in today’s automated systems. So many manufacturers have adopted this model over the past years or two.

  • Intermittent:

Not like the other two Factory Assembly Linethe periodic assembly will not produce the same brands. Although they will look the same, this type of manufacturing will allow customization and the different types.


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