3 Key Facts To Know Before Getting Laser Hair Removal

If you’re frustrated with constantly having to remove bodily hair and wish you could wake up low-maintenance and hair-free every morning, you may have started looking into laser bar and spa prices Manhattan. Laser hair removal can be a great option for getting rid of unwanted bodily hair and making your everyday routine a little easier. However, it’s best to be prepared ahead of time so you know what to expect. Before you book an appointment, check out these key facts about laser hair removal you may be interested to know about.

  1. You Can Shave Before Your Appointment

If part of the reason you’ve been avoiding getting hair removal treatments is that you dread having to grow out your bodily hair beforehand, you may be happy to know that laser hair treatments don’t require you to have long hairs in order for the treatment to be effective. In fact, as long as the laser can find the root, the hairs can be short without causing any problems. This means that you can shave before your appointment if you wish! However, don’t wax before heading in, since waxing removes the root and can make the laser treatment ineffective.

  1. You May Require Several Treatments

While you may have been dreaming about popping into the spa for a quick session and then walking out hair-free, you should be aware that removing hair can take multiple sessions before you see full results. This is because hair grows is cycles, so getting several treatments can help catch all the hairs at the right point in the cycle. The good news is, you should see results from each session within two to three weeks afterward, and full results after about six to eight sessions.

  1. It Shouldn’t Be Too Painful

Finally, while laser treatments might sound painful, the process shouldn’t actually cause too much pain. Many lasers today come equipped with cooling mechanisms to reduce pain, and your technician or doctor may also use a numbing cream on the area, so you won’t feel anything more than discomfort. Let your doctor know if you’re experiencing pain, and you may be able to get the settings adjusted.

Unwanted bodily hair can be frustrating, time-consuming, expensive to remove and sometimes even the source of body image issues. If you’re tired of removing hair every morning and you’re looking for a way to lower your daily maintenance, you may want to consider getting laser hair treatment. With several benefits to offer and minimal downtime, it could just be the right choice for you.


Clare Louise

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