3 Tips for Dealing With Power Outages

Brief power outages are usually a minor inconvenience; however, an extended outage can cause major disruptions, financial loss and even be a risk to health and safety. These three tips will help you navigate an extended power loss situation.

  1. Prepare Your Household

You will have a much easier time when the power goes out, if you do some planning while the power is still on. Make note of everything you own that needs electricity to run. Consider alternative power sources, such as batteries, portable chargers or generator sales Hicksville NY. Purchase a flashlight for every member of your household and make sure you can find them easily in the dark. Consider purchasing a portable cell phone charger to ensure you have access to your phone throughout the outage.

  1. Talk To Your Doctor

If any member of your household relies on medical equipment that is powered by electricity or medicines that require refrigeration, talk to your doctor. Ask how long the medication can be stored without refrigeration and find out what you should do if critical medication is stored at too high a temperature for too long. Create a backup plan, such as using a generator or battery backup for critical medical devices.

  1. Store Food Safely

Keep enough nonperishable food and water on hand to last your household a few days. Avoid opening your freezer or refrigerator door except when necessary. Food can be safely stored for about four hours in the refrigerator and 48 hours in the freezer. You may use coolers with ice to store perishable food, but throw it out if the temperature goes over 40 degrees.

Preparation is the key to minimizing the impact of an extended power outage. These three tips can help you keep your family safe and comfortable until the lights come back on.

Clare Louise

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