3 Ways to Tackle Hair Removal

The most obvious way to get rid of hair is, of course, shaving. However, it results in irritating stubble, ingrown hairs, and if you want to keep things smooth, you have to do it every day. If you’re tired of the grind, here are a few alternatives.


If you pluck hair with tweezers or an epilator, it removes hair by the root, which gives you several weeks of smoothness before the hair starts to grow back. With continued plucking, some folicles may stop producing hair, which means that over time you will have less to pluck.


Waxing is perhaps the most well-known of epilation services Princeton NJ and has earned an undeservedly bad rap due to pop culture sight gags, DIY fails and misinformation about how to do it.

Hair should always be trimmed down to a quarter of an inch first. Wax should be applied with the grain, and in small, manageable strips. It should be removed against the grain in a quick motion, with skin held taut. Some people like to lightly apply cornstarch or powder to their skin before waxing so that the only thing the wax sticks to is the hair. Similar to plucking, results last for several weeks and regular waxing can reduce hair growth.


This method is regard as the most long-lasting option of hair removal, with results lasting up to two years or more. It is also the most costly, running $300 or more for a single session, and requiring multiple sessions over the course of several months. It is recommended to see a licensed dermatologist if you pursue laser hair removal, as it can be harmful in untrained hands.

Hair removal doesn’t have to be scary. When done right, it can be an empowering experience leading to self-confidence and feeling comfortable in ones own skin.

Clare Louise

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