4 Essential Things to Consider When Picking out the Best Protein Powder

Protein is the key to a healthy and robust body. This essential nutrient does wonders to your skeletal, muscular, and integumentary system. It said that protein deficiency reduces the body’s muscle mass, slows the healing rate of wounds, and increases a person’s risks for unwanted health conditions such as infections and illnesses.

If you intend to elevate your protein intake levels, opting for a protein powder would be best. And because there are several types of protein powders in the market, here are the different protein powder types to help you choose the best protein powder suitable for your needs.

Whey Protein

This protein powder is derived from milk and is probably the most common protein powder in the market. It is easily absorbable by the body, making it perfect post-workout sustenance. One can easily sprinkle some whey protein powder on a post-workout snack or make it a refreshing protein shake. Whatever your choice is, incorporating whey protein in your diet would greatly benefit you as it promotes muscle growth and recovery after endurance or resistance training.

However, whey protein has a concentrated level of lactose that some people are allergic to, or some people have difficulties digesting.

Egg Protein

Eggs are a great source of protein, and they offer a great amount of lysine (which is an essential amino acid.) Additionally, egg proteins rank as the second-highest leucine source (with whey protein being the first), which keeps your muscles strong and healthy. This type of protein powder provides all the amino acids that your body needs.

Furthermore, egg proteins are a great way to curb a person’s appetite more than the other protein powders mentioned.

Hemp Protein

This protein type offers a good source of protein option for vegetarians and vegans or for people who are allergic to dairy products. Hemp proteins are rich in live enzymes, important fatty acids, vitamins and minerals for a healthy option.

Pea Protein

Pea proteins also offer high levels of BCAAs, which is essential for healthy and strong muscles. In a study done by scientists, pea proteins showed an ability to decrease high blood pressure levels in humans. This protein powder also promotes fullness, and they are a great way to curb unnecessary and unhealthy cravings.

People opt for plant proteins because besides the ethical and environmentally sound value this sustainable option offers, plant-based protein provides more benefits like essential antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals compared to other protein powder. Despite the myth, studies show that plant-based protein powders could provide the same nutritional requirements needed for a person’s daily protein intake, making it one of the best protein powder on the market.

Many protein powders consist of a mixture of plant-based proteins that adds enzymes to typical protein powders for increased absorption and digestion.

Protein is an essential nutrient. Protein makes your bones, muscles and tissues, skin, nails, and hair healthier and stronger. A high-protein diet benefits your body by helping it produce antibodies and healthy cells. High in protein benefits your body from the inside out. Protein powders are a great source of additional protein intake. Whether you are a protein-deficient person or you want to increase your protein intake for other health purposes, then adding protein powders to your kitchen staples would be a wise choice.

Agnes John

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