4 Foolproof Tactics To Earn Cash Using Your Smartphone

If you devote much of your time on your cell phones each day, now is the perfect time to use it as your money-making platform. Scrolling through social media sites, reading news from various parts of the world, and talking to your teachers, colleagues, or acquaintances is not about what your cell phone is for. You can actually earn money just by using it. 

You are likely thinking now how, and that is a good starting point. That is why we have come up with this helpful list of beneficial tactics to earn money on your mobile devices. All you need to have is perseverance and dedication to making a desired amount of cash. However, to be clear, this doesn’t mean that you will leave your current job. You can do these tactics during your free time and earn extra cash. 

Play Some Money-Making Apps

Hundreds of different applications are presented to the public every year. Take advantage of these money making apps to make a few extra bucks. Look for safe and trusted gaming applications, play with it, give your best shot, and make some money. 

One of the most significant advantages of playing money-making platforms is that you don’t have to go from place to place. You just sit down on your couch, relax, and play with your fingers. Check out these some of the best and trusted mobile applications where you can get your desired amount of cash. 


If you think your old textbooks are already worthless and you need to throw them out, check out this BookScouter app before you regret your decision. BookScouter allows you to earn cash by scanning your old books or textbook barcodes to determine if they still have value. 

That app will tell you how much the price of that specific textbook is. When determined, you will get to know where you can sell it. One of this app’s best services is its ability to give users incentives when they refer the app to their friends. No wonder why BookScouter is highly regarded as one of the best money making apps this 2020. 


Shopkick is a money-making app, best for bargain shoppers out there. If you really love to shop at your preferred retail destination, go and sign up now to Shopkick mobile application. How to use the app? It is very convenient and easy. You just have to download it, log in your account, walk into your preferred store, scan barcodes, purchase an item, give your receipt, and view some in-app videos. 

However, it doesn’t mean that you need to pay actual cash or purchase anything. Watching in-app videos or viewing online products are enough to earn some money. This makes Shopkick different from other known mobile money-making applications. 


This is great aspiring photographers or videographers who want to make cash by showing their artistic skills in photography. Foap allows you to market your photos and videos online. You will have your own online portfolio after installing the app. This is where potential customers can see and purchase your photos.  You might want to get yourself a tripod stand with a phone holder for better artistic shooting. Check these tripods at 3K Store before investing on something more high tech.

Be A Customer Service Agent

From the comfort of your home, you can make some extra cash by working as a customer service agent through your mobile. There are huge companies that highly need your service. Upwork, Dollar Fight Club, and JetBlue are some of them. 

You can apply for the job and make it as your sideline. However, this can be difficult for some beginners. They will need an extra effort to be fully competent for the job. In some cases, the company may ask them for onsite training. 

Set Up A Prepaid Load Business

Today, where internet users need internet data for surfing, a prepaid load business gives you numerous benefits. This is one of the most foolproof to make some extra income. People may be too reliant on their prepaid load as most of the form of jobs nowadays is home-based. This also a convenient method for your friends as they don’t have to go to physical stores and buy some loads. They will just contact you and pay you right away. 

Be A Language Tutor

Get the most out of your smartphone by applying for an English tutor job. If you are competent to speak the language, then you are perfectly qualified. NiceTalk is one of the best working platforms for all ESL tutors. 

The site allows fluent English speakers from various parts of the world to teach non-English speaking students while earning an amount of money. You will just need a smartphone and a quiet environment to do the job. If you think you are qualified, go and grab the title now. 

Use Your Skills and Phone to Make Money 

These are just some of the foolproof ways to earn some cash online using your smartphone. You can still discover a lot of ways to maximize your weekly or monthly incomes. However, always make sure that they are trusted. You should be fully aware of your internet connection and your mobile phone’s capabilities. 



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