4 Great Dog Breeds for Apartment Dwellers

Having a dog presents different obstacles for owners living in apartment buildings as opposed to living in a traditional house. They will need to be walked regularly, as they will not have a yard to run around in. They should also be trained to minimize barking so as not to disturb neighbors.

Large dogs are not necessarily off-limits, as there are large dog breeds that do not need much exercise and are content to relax during the day. Small dogs may be able to run around or play in a small space during the day to satisfy their exercise requirements. Just make sure to check on regulations of any place like Manayunk apartment buildings before getting any animal.

  1. Bichon Frise

A curious companion that has a plush white coat and big dark eyes, the Bichon Frise stands about a foot tall when fully grown. They usually have friendly personalities and get along well with children and other animals.

  1. Havanese

For a dog with a silkier coat that can come in a variety of colors, check out the Havanese breed. Adults are under a foot tall and are wonderful companions. They are very intelligent and can be taught to do fun tricks.

  1. Mastiff

Mastiffs are massive dogs that can live just fine in an apartment as long as the owner does not mind dealing with some drool. Make sure that proper training is provided from an early age so that it will do well walking to and from the stairs or elevator on the way in or out.

  1. Pug

Another small dog, Pugs are around a foot tall at full size. They have adorable wrinkled faces and short coats. An all-purpose breed, Pugs can be content living just about anywhere, and their small size and loving personalities make them fantastically suited for apartment life.

Owning a dog is a wonderful experience. They can bring a lot of love and joy into any home and be excellent companions during life’s ups and downs.


David Curry

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