4 Most Effective Ways to Consume Cannabis

Selecting a strain of cannabis for consumption is only one part of the process of taking cannabis. You also have to select a delivery method. Edibles, tinctures, soft gels, and capsules are ways to consume cannabis. The most common delivery method is inhalation and smoking. Even that method involves a decision, from a rolled joint to a glass gravity bong. Only you know which is the best for you. Learn more about the 4 most effective ways to consume cannabis through smoking.

Hand Pipe

A hand pipe is one of the most common ways to smoke cannabis, and they make great gifts for any cannabis smoker. You’ll enjoy using them too. They are simple to use, maintain, and help you get an almost instant effect from cannabis.

Glass pipes, metal pipes, and even handmade pipes are effective ways to smoke cannabis. In this method, the cannabis is lit, and the smoke it creates is trapped. You inhale the smoke, and then exhale it.

Water Pipes

Water pipes are also known as bongs, and they are also very effective for cannabis consumption. They are not the easiest to maintain, but many find that the effect they provide is worth a few minutes of cleaning. In this method, water cools down the smoke that you are inhaling. The main benefit is that these offer a greater impact with less weed consumption.

Water pipes and bongs are very popular. Celebrities are very open about using them. Bongs usually resemble products like the glass gravity bong, and are made of glass to ensure safe and effective delivery.

Joints and Pre-Rolled

Perhaps the most common form of cannabis inhalation are joints and pre-rolled cannabis. You can purchase cannabis already rolled and smoke that as a joint. Or, you can roll your cannabis and make your own joints.

In this method, a specific kind of paper is used to put the cannabis in, and then smoke it. The rolling paper is often made of plants, and is sometimes made of bamboo or hemp.

A blunt is a joint that is made from cigar paper. The cannabis is rolled or put into a cigar paper, and mixed with another product like tobacco. People that smoke blunts like the nicotine and cannabis combination, and find it a relaxing delivery method.


Vaping is one of the newest forms of cannabis delivery. In this method, a tool called a vaping pen or vaping device will heat the plants to a point that it is hot enough to get THC. The vaporizer is said to minimize the risks of smoking weed. 

Consumers that use vaping for inhalation like that it does not produce as high an odor of marijuana as some other delivery methods might. Vaporizers and vaping pens are available in most places where you can purchase your cannabis, but pipes and glass gravity bongs are more readily available.

Shop Cannabis Accessories

When you are choosing cannabis, it is as important to wisely choose your cannabis accessory. Shop cannabis accessories and pick the one that is best for your lifestyle and consumption needs. There is no wrong way to do it. You may even want to try all of these methods and use the one that best fits your needs when you are smoking cannabis.


Paul Petersen

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